Homeopathy for Panic Attack

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Dr Howard (San Pedro, CA ) on 03/03/2023:
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General use: The key remedy in my view in homeopathy for panic attacks is Kali (potassium) phosphate 6X (used with magnesium phosphate 6X works wonders even for pain! )AM/PM 6 pellets or tabs is a start potency can go to 30X or 12C once in a while if the attack is severe, but use the 6X daily. During the attack, a dose of each mineral given here should be taken every 10 minutes as the brain will use them up fast. As the attack eases take every 30 minutes then hour until event has subsided. Chiropractic adjustments to relieve nerve impingements. Focus on atlas or first cervical or neck vertebra as the entire nerve cord as it leaves the brain goes through the atlas and the axis or second neck vertebra. Both are held in place by muscle and ligaments so go out of place called a subluxation thus placing pressure (which can affect the brain and emotions-electrical impulses leaves the brain and comes back from the cells reporting any disturbances, etc.) on the vital nerves or spinal cord. Over 427 trillion nerve fibers! “Upper cervical” chiropractors are listed online as these chiropractors focus on the atlas.

Dr Howard San Pedro, CA

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