Dietary Changes for Panic Attack

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Sober (Anonymous, Usa) on 07/09/2011:
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Awhile back I was dating a heavy beer drinker. I started heavy drinking beer with my buddy. 'bout a 6 pack of exotic beer a night. 'round that time I got horrible panic attacks for the 1st time in my life. So bad I'd go to the hospital. They gave me drugs but the drugs didn't help. They'd give me more drugs util I was a zombie. My family complained & I was taken off. I had also stopped drinking beer cuz your not supposed to drink while on these drugs. So even I stopped the drugs I didn't get panic attacks that sent me to the ER. Lots of sugar can also bring them on a lil' bit. I've been readin here & other places that alcohol & even sugar can deplete the body of nutrients like magnesium. When I rub some magnesium on I feel calmer. No panic attacks. Also helps with my leg cramps and speeding heartbeat I sometimes get at night. IDK why the hospital doesn't look for such. There tests don't seem to pick up borderline deficiencies. My shrink tried to tell me I got me a chemical imabalance and needed the drugs. When I stopped the drugs that made me nutty in a different way, the attacks were gone. Cuz I quit the drinkin as well.
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Diane (California) on 04/05/2017:
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Regarding panic attacks.

When I was 24 years old I suffered from severe panic attacks. I am Hispanic and live in the U.S. Many American Hispanics from the U.S. love chili and I was raised with a big bowl of yellow chili in juice at the table morning, noon, and for supper. As a child I only had a little juice from the chili bowl on my food. Eventually I graduated to large serving with food until I was totally hooked on chili. My family was from New Mexico where some of the best chili in the world is from! Red or green is mostly used. And usually it is hot! We loved it! We ate enchiladas and tacos, burritos, beans with chili! Anyway I didn't know it but the chili was causing me a lot of acid and this worked hand in hand with my severe panic attacks! The acid from these foods and spicy dishes was causing me really severe panic attacks! Eventually I noticed that Rolaids or Tums and even baking soda in water would help control my panic attacks! I ended up cutting down on spicy foods and this in my case stopped the panic attacks. If I feel a panic attack coming on which today is rare, I head for the acid medication fast! This usually stops the panic attacks in my case. I now have very little chili in my diet.

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