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Osteopathy and Myofascial Release for Extreme Pain

Deirdre (CT) on 11/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Art,

Thank you for another fabulous article today! You asked for more pain relief remedies that weren't included in your list.

I would like to add Myofascial Release Therapy for chronic pain from nerve injuries.

As some people may recall (I have written a few lengthy posts on the subject), in 2016 an osteopathy session where I got my shoulder and ribs adjusted, followed a few days later by a Myofascial Release session, got me out of 8 months of pain for a brachial plexus injury from a karate class. It took JUST ONE SESSION each.

It was extraordinary, in my opinion, and should be something people check out for extreme pain from nerve injuries. I had seen a number of specialists up to that point and no one was able to help ease the pain.

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Frankincense Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Diane L. (Sarasota, Florida) on 11/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have used frankincense essential oil for pain and inflammation on different parts of my body. I have a calcified gallstone and one day the sudden pain was intense. I remembered reading about frankincense oil. I had some on hand and put it topically right over the gall bladder and almost immediately the pain stopped. I was a believer and have used it on my knees also. This is something to always have in your medicine cabinet. It was a Godsend to me.