Osteopenia Remedies

Treating osteopenia involves boosting the bone mineral density. Natural options for treatment include a variety of minerals and mineral rich supplements. In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, supplements can effectively treat osteopenia.

What is Osteopenia?

Osteopenia is a condition defined as lower than normal bone mineral density. The mineral density associated with osteopenia is low compared to peak levels however still higher than that labeled as osteoporosis. The condition has no symptoms although the risk for bone breakage or fracture may be greater than normal.

Osteopenia is a condition that typically develops with age. While some individuals may naturally have a predisposition to a lower bone density; however, several other factors contribute to osteopenia. Eating disorders, metabolism issues, chemotherapy and other medications as well as exposure to radiation may contribute to low bone density. Additionally, being thing, Caucasian or Asian, getting limited exercise, smoking, drinking cola and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol also contribute to osteopenia.

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List of Remedies for Osteopenia