Borax for Scalp Ringworm

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William (Mi) on 06/27/2020
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Ted's mange cure applied topically after a shower cured a friend of mine's lesion she had a 1-inch lesion on her forehead and a two and a half inch lesion on her arm for 2 to 3 years. She was a nurse she was treated with many things nothing worked. She used Ted's mange cure which is 16 oz of peroxide 32 oz of water 1 tablespoon of borax mix it up and apply to the skin after shower. the peroxide is neutralized by The Borax and the and the peroxide causes the borax to penetrate into the skin and kill the infection. This cured her in 30 days. Many other people used it after that it stops itching and kills microbes according to my friend. I also have used it many times for cuts and cures Cuts quickly

Many other people on The Forum used it also to stop the itching that was caused from something from dogs and cats and squirrels some sort of bug.