Upper Respiratory Infection Remedies

Natural Remedies for Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory infections are caused by viruses, and quite commonly by a rhinovirus. Upper respiratory infections can also have a bacterial or fungal cause. Upper respiratory infections (URI’s) affect the upper parts of the respiratory system. Natural remedies for upper respiratory infections include apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, rest and keeping warm.

While "upper respiratory infection" or "rhinovirus" may sound like serious diagnoses, they are just more technical terms for the common cold. Severity of upper respiratory infections can range from mild, with uncomfortable symptoms to severe with more debilitating symptoms, including malaise, fever and pain in the ears, throat or sinuses.Those who have immune deficiencies, chronic lung disease, the elderly or young children are more at risk for complications from upper respiratory infections.

The sooner treatment begins, the better. Some remedies, like Zinc, are more effective if treatment is begun within 24 hours. However, do not fret if you are just getting around to looking for a natural remedy for your upper respiratory infection and have let it go on for days or even a week or more. Natural remedies can still reduce the misery and duration of upper respiratory infections.

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List of Remedies for Upper Respiratory Infection