Natural Remedies for Migraines in Menopause

Menopause symptoms can number in the dozens. Migraines are one of the more difficult symptoms with which to cope. Natural remedies for menopausal migraines focus on the entire woman and balancing hormones.

Many factors come together to make menopause a difficult season of life. A woman's body is going through multiple changes causing internal physical stress. Additionally, women in the menopause season are often dealing with many other changes, including an empty nest, aging parents with demanding needs, a full time job, and possibly helping with care or raising of grandchildren. If a woman has had years of a poor diet, that will begin to catch up with her now, as well. 

During this busy season, most women do not have the option to take a few months sabbatical to focus on health renewal. But making some dietary adjustments, adding in some stress-relieving/health promoting activities, and adding some natural remedies to the routine may just be the solution to several menopausal challenges, including migraines. While it would be convenient to have a one pill, one size fits all remedy for migraines in menopause, it is likely that a multi-prong approach to relieve this malady will be necessary.

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List of Remedies for Menopause, Migraines