Zapper for Chikungunya Virus

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Maria (Veracuz) on 05/30/2016:
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Hi Earth Clinic. Could you create a Chikungunaya ailment category and post the following there.

I have seen the Zapper cure Dengue in 8 out of 8 people. One woman was in the hospital with the hemorrhaging kind. Also I personally had chikungunya, which causes a rash, and rheomatoid arthritis like symptoms for up to a year! Well, my $70 zapper removed all symptoms within a couple of days I went dancing! However, three months later the knee pain returned and I used the zapper again and the symptoms were gone. Since this is effective for treating Dengue and Chikungunya viruses. I will certainly be trying it out on Zika. I used 30khz 7 minutes with zapper, wait 20, repeat 7 minutes with zapper, rest 20 minutes and then one final 7minutes with the Zapper as per Dr. Hulda Clark's instructions (She is the inventor of the Zapper). This wasthe type with copper handheld pipes. The way it works is the frequency kills the virus and 7 minutes is the time it takes for all blood to circulate and pass the copper hand held pipes.

Spread the word the way to end these epidemics is use the Zapper!

I would also add the use of lime juice or vitamin C for good measure.

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