Brown Recluse Spider Bite Remedies

Natural Remedies for a Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown recluse spiders generally keep to themselves, but when they do happen to strike out their bite can be very dangerous, requiring intensive treatment and sometimes surgery. Natural remedies, when used faithfully, can relieve the pain and suffering that results from the bite of a brown recluse and even spare an individual from surgery and side effects of aggressive medications.

Often a person does not realize he has been bitten by a brown recluse until he has a painful or ulcerating bite. The skin at the site of the bite begins to necrotize and there can be accompanying infection. Fever, malaise, nausea and swelling may accompany the bite. Allopathic treatments can include steroids, pain medications, antibiotics, surgery to remove dead tissue, and even skin grafts in severe cases.

The earlier treatment begins, the better. A doctor should be including the in the care of a significant reaction to the bite and especially when there is fever, red streaks, severe pain, multiple bites, or a person is in a weaker state (very young, elderly, immune compromised.)

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List of Remedies for Brown Recluse Spider Bite