Silica for Weak Nails

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Kay (Fl) on 05/31/2014:
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Be mindful of Silica dosages, side effects, and warnings!

Silica is also used to breakdown/dissolve hard tissues like fibriods, cysts, tumors, etc, which may also may unlease thier contents, including toxins, infectious agents, cancerous tissue, etc. I began taking silica (oral, homeopathic) in attemps to relieve painful fibroids and troublesome scar tissue under my foot; but the silica first dissolved an age-old cyst imbedded under my scalp (which I didn't know was there; leftovers of a decades-old boil that was removed completely, intact). When the silica dissolved the cyst it spilled the (previously contained) infection into surrounding tissues (infecting nearly my entire scalp). I've been fighing/treating this scalp infection for well over a year now, and it's been a painful, difficult, and troublesome battle every day, including hair loss!

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Dan (Markam, Canada) on 07/22/2008:
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Silicon is not present in large amounts, yet found in every type of tissues in the body. Silicon is used to keep bones, cartilage, tendons and artery wall healthy. It is required by the nails, hair and skin, silicon levels drop as we age. So if cartilage is not in any joint after surgery, silicon will replace it. If you want nice hair, and nails, silicon is also called silica. I take it and I have good hair and nails that look good and they are hard. If you do not have any idea where to get some, look to the internet. It has information on healthy products.
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