Myopia Remedies

Home remedies for myopia cannot actually reverse the genetic condition; however, effective natural treatments can help improve the eyesight. A balanced approach to eye health incorporates lifestyle and dietary changes as well as supplements that contribute to eye health. Holistic treatment of myopia includes regular supplements, eye exercise and a balanced health diet.

What is Myopia?

Also known as near- or short-sightedness, myopia is a condition that involves a refractive defect in the eye. Myopia occurs in two instances – as the eye is too long or the cornea has too great a curvature. These conditions prevent the light entering the eye from being focused properly, which in turn causes eyesight to be poor. Myopia is generally describes as the ability to see objects that are near clearly while distant objects remain blurry or poorly focused.

Natural Treatment for Near-Sightedness

Treating any eye condition requires targeted remedies that support general eye health and strength. Specific treatments for myopia include supplements such as cayenne and glutathione as well as intensive eye muscle exercises. A healthy diet and regular exercise also supports eye health and prevents other health related eye problems.

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List of Remedies for Myopia