Natural Remedies for Mycoplasma Infections

Mycoplasma are a small type of bacteria that cause a host of different health problems. Natural remedies for mycoplasma include borax, hydrogen peroxide, serrapeptase, herbs and vitamin supplements. Mycoplasma infections often come along with other types of infections, like Lyme disease.

What is a Mycoplasma Infection?

Mycoplasma are unique form of bacteria that do not have a cell wall. This makes them able to take on different shapes and "hide." They are difficult to test for and can be difficult to treat. 

The range of symptoms caused by mycoplasma is vast, another factor in making a diagnosis difficult. The bacteria can settle into any number of systems or organs of the body causing a variety of symptoms, including but certainly not limited to, respiratory problems, blood diseases, nervous system diseases, headaches, neurological problems, infertility, chronic pain, brain fog, wound infections, skin problems, urinary tract infections, reproductive problems, and kidney problems.

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List of Remedies for Mycoplasma Infections