Mitochondrial Myopathy Remedies

Treatment of mitochondrial myopathy typically involves a variety of methods including lifestyle changes, dietary conditions and daily supplements. Treatments typically aim at eradicating the symptoms of the condition and preventing further onset of the disease. Many natural supplements are particularly effective for supporting overall health and eliminating symptoms of the condition.

What Is Mitochondrial Myopathy?

Mitochondrial diseases affect the mitochondria of the cell, specifically the mitochondria of the muscles. Muscular and neurological issues are typically the result of the condition and include muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, hearing loss, balance and coordination issues, seizures and learning deficits.

Mitochondrial myopathies are caused by mutations in the genes. While myopathies are inheritable, family history of the condition is not always present. Either way, the condition often affects different individuals in different ways.

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List of Remedies for Mitochondrial Myopathy