Multiple Remedies for Meningioma

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Pollytickle (Boston) on 07/15/2018
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My meningioma and schwanommas have been stable for 15 years. They have not grown at all since diagnosed in 2004.

1. I stopped all x-rays & CTs since these tumors are/can be caused by dental x-rays/head x-rays.

2. A neurosurgeon asked to see inside my mouth when I asked what causes these. I had all my silver/mercury amalgams removed.

3. I stopped using cell & cordless phones (what hand do you use vs location of tumors). I bought corded phones and only use the cell for emergencies, keep it in a radiation-protective case, and use a grounded wire headphone with it.

4. Remove all toxins from your house including deodorants, perfumes, lotions, especially petroleum products like Vaseline, dryer sheets, air fresheners and use natural Boswellia oil as an air freshener. Get rid of all the paints and toxins in your basement (offgassing). Use nontoxic cleaners and buy nontoxic clothing and bedding.

5. Eat organic & maximize nutrition. Eat broccoli sprouts (preferably with tomato). Use coconut oil, Esiac, chaga/reishi. Research d-limonene (antimutagen/anticarcinogen). Seems like a lot but worth it (& things a doctor won't tell you).