Low Testosterone Remedies: Cure ED and More

What is Low Testosterone?

Increasing numbers of men are coming to realize they suffer from low testosterone levels, but that doesn't mean they know what it means or how it affects life and health. Testosterone is the primary male hormone, responsible for our larger muscles, deeper voices, sexual development, and other sex characteristics. And it's natural enough that different men at different ages have differing amounts of testosterone running in their blood and organs; yet those who have particularly low levels of testosterone may suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), reduced libido, and other sexual health and general health symptoms. Furthermore, low T levels are negatively correlated with premature death in older men, with depression, and with increased risk of diabetes; so remedies to improve your testosterone levels can provide overall health benefits.

Do you have low T? Symptoms of low testosterone include:

Natural Treatment for Low Testosterone

In order to raise your testosterone levels, you can try a number of herbal remedies to increase the hormone's production or otherwise treat the side effects of low T. For erectile dysfunction, maca root(2) is generally the best respected herbal remedy for increase libido, though cayenne pepper and other home remedies to improve cardiovascular health are also a good bet. Additionally, Cordyceps sinensis supplements have shown some promise in raising testosterone levels.(3)


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List of Remedies for Low Testosterone