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Low Body Temperature

Low body temperature treatments range from lifestyle changes to dietary supplements and herbal treatments. Increasing one’s level of exercise as well as diet often has a direct effect on supporting the overall body temperature. Additionally, certain vitamins and minerals as well as natural herbs can boost the core temperature and render better health.

What is Low Body Temperature?

The accepted body temperature is 98.6 degrees; however, several individuals experience a standard temperature lower than this standard. While a decrease in core temperature is becoming more common, a subaverage temperature is a sign of poor health. Temperature is a direct indicator of metabolism, so low temperature means a low or slow metabolism. In addition to decreased functioning of the metabolism, several other issues may result including poor digestion, food intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, abnormal urination patterns, mood swings, irritability, skin disorders, unhealthy hair and nails, sleep problems, fatigue, susceptibility to illness and weight gain. Any reading below 97.8 is considered a low temperature and is likely indicative of low metabolism and comorbid issues, such as low thyroid symptoms, kidney issues and others.

Lifestyle Treatment for Varying Temperature

Decreased metabolism and other health conditions are often a result of lifestyle choices. Increasing one’s activity level, changing the diet and limiting toxin exposure are natural ways to stabilize the metabolism and internal thermometer. Completing vigorous workouts such as interval training and weight lifting, eating high protein and low carb foods and avoiding toxic products are three of the most effective ways to boost overall health.

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List of Remedies for Low Body Temperature