Natural Remedies for Lice

Just the very word “lice” causes some people to have an itchy scalp! While lice are exasperating, embarrassing, and downright time consuming, natural remedies for lice are very effective, inexpensive and safe. Unlike over the counter treatments, many of the natural treatments are actually good for your hair and scalp!

Are Over the Counter Remedies Effective for Lice?

Over the counter (and some prescription) lice shampoos and treatments usually contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals are neurotoxins, designed to kill the lice. Unfortunately, you are using these neurotoxins directly on the scalp where they can be absorbed into the brain and bloodstream. Additionally, lice have become resistant to many of the chemicals used in over the counter products. With many effective home remedies, you do not need to subject your child or yourself to these chemicals.

Safe Remedies to Get Rid of Lice

Nit Combs

Your first priority in effectively eliminating lice is a nit comb. “Nits” are the eggs from lice. The lice attach them to the hair shaft near the scalp. A nit comb is easier to use if you apply hair conditioner to the hair first, or use the nit comb after using one of the remedies below for killing lice and loosening the “glue.”

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List of Remedies for Lice