Labia Minora Remedies

Holistic methods can sometimes help issues relating to the labia minora. Kegel exercises are one natural approach. Soaking in baths with baking soda can treat inflammation and infection.

Labia minora is a term used to refer to the two inner flaps of skin located on either side of the female vaginal opening. Situated between the outer labia, the labia minora or inner labia vary extensively in size, color and shape. The labia minora extend from the clitoris diagonally downward, horizontally and backward toward the vestibule and outer lips. The inner lips are typically joined at the midline by a fold of skin while the front of the labia minora split into two portions. Additionally, the labia minora are covered on the external surface by several sebaceous glands that are not related to hair follicles.

Many women express concern regarding their labia minora in reference to the size, color and shape. However, research has shown that the labia minora of women vary widely and may even be of different sizes in the same individual – one inner lip being larger than the other.

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List of Remedies for Labia Minora Issues