White Grapefruit Juice for Joint Pain

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Lucy (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 01/25/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

I find a quick fix for bursitis (joint pain) is white grapefruit juice. I had a coworker unable to lift his arm up without pain. I told him to get white grapefruit and drink it at lunch time. Drink as much as you can, bottle or can, cheap or name brands. After he came back from lunch the pain was gone. My mother started walking with a cane because of hip pain, I reminded her of the grapefruit juice. She took one can and the pain was gone.
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Lucy (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 07/11/2010:
5 out of 5 stars

Hip pain is a fast and easy fix. White grapefruit juice in can or bottle, cheap or expensive, makes no different in the results. I keep it in my cupboard at all times. A co-worker was going after work to get cortisone shots because he couldn't use his arm without pain. I told him to get a bottle of white grapefruit juice and drink it for lunch. He came back after lunch and said the pain was gone, before he returned to work.
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