Pillow and Mattress Topper for Joint Pain

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Mama to Many (TN) on 09/25/2019:
5 out of 5 stars

My husband I realized that our bed might be contributing to pain.

He was waking up with shoulder pain and I with hip pain. I spent time researching beds and got a good bed from Costco - foam, gel something yada yada yada. Husband LOVED the bed. No more shoulder pain. For me, no more hip pain...but instead I was waking up with a new pain between my shoulder blades that required me to ice my neck/back every morning. The bed felt like concrete to me.

We were planning to return it and try something else. My chiropractor suggested a different pillow - a Bed Boss pillow for side sleepers. It is a memory foam pillow with a notch for your shoulder. She said to give it some time. It took two nights for me to become completely sold. I also got a 3 inch egg crate foam bed topper.

The pillow and bed topper have been game changers. I am sleeping better and waking up without pain. Husband does not have pain (At first the foam topper made him feel claustrophobic but he is liking it now.) If you have back pain, consider the possibility of your bed and pillow! ~ Mama to Many~

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