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Okra Juice for Joint Pain

Trikke (Belgium) on 06/05/2023
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Okra Juice for Joint Pain

For many years I have been helped by suggestions on Earth Clinic - thank you to this wonderful community! -, so time to give back.

We spent a bit of time living in Africa recently and staying at a wonderful, but very remote place in Northern Tanzania, run by an Kenyan-Indian couple. The lady's grandmother used to be an Indian herbalist, so as a child, she naturally picked up a lot of information and knows a lot about herbs, plants, spices, cooking, and remedies.

Whilst there, she told me about her very sore knee, just a year before. It was so painful she had to stop her daily walks with the dog. The local villagers advised her to take their traditional remedy for joint pains and aches: Okra juice. A shot, in the morning on an empty stomach and one at night. She did this for 3 months and all her pains were gone. She now does it once a week, to keep up the good stuff.

Perhaps the gel-like - slimy - juice restores cartilage? Or brings in lots of needed nutrients?

Anyway, the way I was told to make it, is 2-fold: chop up some okra lady's fingers in small slices and

1. bring 1/2 to a boil with some water just covering them. Let it cool. it will become quite a slimy juice.

2. Put the other half of the okra slices In cool water and it will also form a gel.

One type of gel is to be drunk in the morning, one at night. A small shot. It's slimy and not very nice, but if you down it in one go it's ok. Do this for 3 months. After that, repeat once weekly.

I could find nothing on the internet about this but would love to hear if anyone else has heard about this.

Anyway, hope this might perhaps help someone.

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Enzymes, Curcumin, Collagen for Pain Relief and Joint Repair

Jose (Pensacola, Fl.) on 04/22/2023
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For Pain relief and joint repair:

Wobenzym for accelerated healing and pain relief. Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength for additional pain relief. Neocell Type ll Joint Complex for rebuilding joint cartilage.

Take the Joint Complex long term to maintain the joint cartilage.

Wobenzym must be taken on an empty stomach. if there is food in the stomach, wait at least 2 or 3 hours before taking the Wobenzym. After taking Wobenzym wait at least 1 hour before eating or drinking anything except water.

The Curamin Extra Strength supplement is the best natural pain reliever.

After 3 weeks you will experience a definite improvement. 3 months of treatment with these supplements will provide significant healing and pain relief. Depending on the amount of cartilage damage, it will probably take a year or longer to have complete cartilage repair. Daily usage of the supplements is necessary. Follow the manufacturers supplement instructions.

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Rebounding for Joint Health

mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 03/09/2022
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Cindy, for years I had been taking gelatin (fish) for my knees and it helped. I ran out of it and didn't bother to get more. But after a while my knees started "whispering" again. And that is when you wrote about rebounding. I had told you that I was doing "heel drops" instead of rebounding, but also some bouncing on a yoga ball. By now I can happily report that these random heel drops/bouncing seem to have kept my knees totally calm. Thank you!
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Borax for Joint Pain

Mike (Des Moines, IA) on 10/31/2021
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I have been taking Borax 5 days on 2 days off from 10/1/2020 till now for 13 months for joint pain. My condition has been improved, but no cure and still have a lot of pain. Should I continue with borax, or stop? I like to ask your opinion and advise, specially Art Sobrig.




Apple Cider Vinegar for Joints

Erin (Calgary) on 05/15/2021
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I've taken Apple Cider Vinegar for 30 years. Took a break for 2 or three years, I just always felt amazing. Lately, I've been super stiff. Joints, body, etc. Groaning when getting up, all that stuff. I started using Apple Cider Vinegar on my fish sticks and fries (I like salt and vinegar on fish and chips). I use like 6 or 7 cap fulls at a time on it. A couple capfuls per stick. Of course, after like 3 days of doing that, I'm magically, completely NOT stiff anymore.

I don't like drinking it in water, but I will. I prefer to just put it in a shot glass and shoot it if it's not on fish or french fries. ACV doesn't care if it's mixed with food. It's not picky. But wow, does it work.

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Mama to Many (TN) on 09/25/2019
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My husband I realized that our bed might be contributing to pain.

He was waking up with shoulder pain and I with hip pain. I spent time researching beds and got a good bed from Costco - foam, gel something yada yada yada. Husband LOVED the bed. No more shoulder pain. For me, no more hip pain...but instead I was waking up with a new pain between my shoulder blades that required me to ice my neck/back every morning. The bed felt like concrete to me.

We were planning to return it and try something else. My chiropractor suggested a different pillow - a Bed Boss pillow for side sleepers. It is a memory foam pillow with a notch for your shoulder. She said to give it some time. It took two nights for me to become completely sold. I also got a 3 inch egg crate foam bed topper.

The pillow and bed topper have been game changers. I am sleeping better and waking up without pain. Husband does not have pain (At first the foam topper made him feel claustrophobic but he is liking it now.) If you have back pain, consider the possibility of your bed and pillow! ~ Mama to Many~


Michael (New Zealand) on 05/18/2019
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Hi there fellow sufferers!

It has been many moons since I last posted but please don't take it personally !!

There has been precious little to report actually, so I have preferred not to waffle and dissimulate out of respect for your intelligence! I like to report progress (if any) on my Arthritis / Joint problems / Muscle stiffness etc occasionally and it is time to up-date fellow (and fellowesses) sufferers on my evolving regime. I may bequeath my body to science eventually.

So... Upon rising, take a teaspoon of olive oil OR coconut oil (alternate the two) = Oil Pulling and Swilling trick. Use good, quality stuff please. After 20 minutes expel and rinse with warm water- then drink two glasses of warm water. Surely you can think of useful ways to occupy the time whilst keeping a straight face !?

Certain essential bodily functions spring to a fertile mind. Later on we indulge ourselves with a "nice cup of tea" - a traditional brew in this house from time immemorial, without which we are incapable of coherently functioning.

Breakfast then:- One tablet containing the following: Quercetin 125mg, Devil's Claw 1125mg, Celery seed 1500, Chelated Zinc 5mg, Grape Seed extract 6000mg One tab Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid variety in my case) 1000mg + Rose Hips powder 25mg with glass of water Mid morning cup of coffee 4 pm cup of tea Dinner with tablespoon ACV in a glass of water using a straw Rinse well afterwards but do not brush teeth, Bed time sees me take a teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil In addition,

It might be wise to ensure you get to bed early and get a good night's sleep, increase water consumption, de-stress somehow, walk regularly at least five times per week, take some Magnesium Chloride liquid and also some Bone Broth OR Collagen a couple of times a week.

A lot to remember I guess but if you are desperate enough.... I have been regular with the above and the aches and pains and stiffness problems have become a bit less over a few months. Also scalp problems such as psoriasis and dandruff have definitely improved. Hopefully the Sun will still come up in the morning. I am very happy with progress so far and will keep you posted.

Cheers from Down Under, Michael


Cashews for Joint Pain

Don (Michigan, Usa) on 09/10/2020
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I have been having knee joint aches for awhile. Three weeks ago, I had a craving for cashews and ate about 8 oz a day for 3 days. I noticed my knee aches were gone and all my joints felt younger and lubricated. I searched and found that along with cardio benefits there is also a benefit to joints. I now eat a handful of roasted cashews every morning and I can do squats without knee aches.

I have also noticed a nerve calming effect.

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Borax Slowly Helping Joint Pain in Big Toe But Taking a Long Time

Cpn (Somewhere Usa) on 08/19/2020
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Hello Team Earthclinic,

I have had pain in my left big toe for many years now. I have looked at the most common causes and honestly can not figure out what it might be. It hurts in the top knuckle of the toe and then down to the tip. Think about if you balled up your hand to make a fist the knuckle down to the tip.

It always felt like it needed to pop but no matter how hard it was pulled on it just would not pop. I have been taking a good bit of Borax in my morning coffee and a few weeks ago I was able to get that knuckle to pop. It hurt so bad and actually left a small bruise above the knuckle. Some days it hurts really bad and some days I hardly notice it.

It has begin recently to pop on its on and does not hurt as bad as it did the first time it popped. It mostly pops once after I wake and I stretch.

Just wondering if maybe the Borax is finally loose in up what ever is wrong with it. I have an x-ray scheduled but am avoiding hospitals at this time. I also take Black Strap Molasses on that cup of coffee and some coconut oil.

If it's gout or arthritis it sure has taken the Borax a long time to work. I am thinking it is an old injury such as turf toe or broken toe or the Hallux Rigidus. It does stay swollen in that knuckle and the bone falls slightly protruded up.

But the popping that it is doing now seems like it might work it's way back to normal.


Borax for Joint Pain Not Helping - Question for Art

Mike V. (Des Moines, Ia) on 08/19/2020
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Hi Art Solbrig,

I have joint pain and in the last 4 weeks, used Ted's borax remedy, 1/4 teaspoon on the liter of water for 5 days. Not that much improvement.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Mudassar (Lahore) on 03/30/2019

Hello everybody. Will someone let me know if we should stop other medicines which we use to treat arthritis if I am using borax as a treatment?

ACV and Baking Soda No Longer Helping Chronic Joint Pain, Help!

Melea (Texas) on 08/09/2018
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Hello, please help! Many years ago I found Earth Clinic and immediately began taking the acv/bs mixture in water daily and it was incredible the relief I had in my joints & acid reflux but for the past year it is no longer helping even tho I am still continuously taking the same mixture daily. I am in severe joint pain as well as acid reflux which is bringing on depression especially after it working sooo well for years. I have also lost a lot of weight so I don't think the pain is weight related. Should I increase the amount I'm taking? Please please please respond, I am really struggling with this and makes it very difficult to do my job! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Castor Oil for Rotator Cuff Injury

Sherri (Oak Hill, Wv) on 02/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had a small tear in my rotator cuff. Used ice as suggested by doctor & then read about castor oil pack for my shoulder. I could tell a difference in 3-4 days! I was amazed how much better my shoulder was. I'm still healing and still using the castor oil every night with a heat pack. I would strongly recommend!
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Dietary Changes for Joint Pains

Dallas (Amesbury, Ma) on 10/17/2017
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Drop the Grains, Nightshades and Sugars to heal Joint Pain/Arrhythmias

I have many health problems, including celiac sprue, hashimoto's thyroiditis, multiple food sensitivities etc. I dropped all gluten out of my diet when the celiac was diagnosed 16 years ago. Within the past year. I have also suffered off and on with heart arrhythmias strong enough to mimic a heart attack and severe knee and joint pain. Finally, after about a year of research and prayer, I found a solution. I dropped all grains, (including chia and flax), all nightshades, and all sugars TOTALLY out of my diet. I made sure to prepare all legumes properly before cooking. Within a very short time, the joint pains AND arrhythmias diminished and then stopped altogether. Then, as an experiment, I ate nightshades one day, grains a few days later without the nightshades, and sugar without the nightshades or grains to test and see which ones were causing the pain. It turns out they ALL caused symptoms. So, I am leaving them all out of my diet. As an interesting aside. I am not sure about nightshades, but I do know that whenever I eat grains or sugars, my urine smells bad. As a former worker in a hospital, I have noticed that smell in the restroom after an elderly person uses it. Could it be that many elderly health problems such as joint pain and heart problems could be caused by grains, nightshades and/or sugars?

As another aside, I wonder if grains are prepared properly, ie: soaked, sprouted etc, before cooking, would they cause the same problems?

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Chlorophyll for Joints and Energy

Melody (North Carolina) on 10/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking liquid chlorophyll for anemia a week or two ago. 1 T. per day in a glass of water. Sometimes I do this twice a day, just because I know it is good for me and it tastes good.

I have realized that I have more energy (maybe because it is fixing the anemia, or maybe just because it is energizing) and also my joints are looser, in a good way. My neck and back are not so tight and will pop more easily.

I am so happy for these unexpected benefits.


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Michael's Successful Regimen for Chronic Joint Pains

Michael (New Zealand) on 06/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Mister Michael's current REGIME for battling chronic Sacroiliac / Sciatic / Knee joint problems is showing beneficial results at long last!!

May / June 2017

I have embarked upon the uncharted waters of the following protocol - I trust you will indulge this old ascetic his foibles and meanderings. It's success really does rely somewhat on a wholesome lifestyle generally, as a solid foundation on which to build. You will know what I am getting at I presume. Here goes:-

-Upon arising - Oil pulling /swishing with half a teaspoon of nice Coconut Oil for 15-20 minutes approx. - mainly for gums / teeth to curb the plaque issue, due to a certain body chemistry I am stuck with, but may have a bearing on the issues above possibly. Think about it!!

-Expel and swish out (not down the sink drain! ) with warm water/salted water/ bicarb water (your choice).

Keen people will clean their teeth at this juncture.

(Previously, I would take the good quality Honey and Sri Lankan Cinnamon drink at this point but have temporarily suspended this one). If you do this, then I suggest you definitely clean your teeth!!

-Two large glasses of lukewarm water, one of them containing a teaspoon of lime juice

(call me a "Limey" if you like - I don't care!! ). You could use lemon juice if you prefer.

Thirty minutes later - breakfast of your choice- I'm not going to tell how you should live your FOOD life here!!

-Straight after breakfast -take a Seafood Oil tablet of some sort PLUS a Magnesium 75mg tablet with Potassium 25mg added to it. Magnesium Chloride Liquid is a good alternative if you can get hold of it. NOT the potassium if you have blood/blood pressure/heart or kidney issues of course.

(Some prefer to take the Magnesium at night for excellent reasons. You could do that).

-At some stage LATER in the day, I would take approximately 30-40 mls of Tart Cherry Juice swished up in a medium glass of nice, filtered water. I will be bold here and say this may be essential to success!! My stuff is quite treacly / viscous which I quite like. Mix it up well in the water for best absorption.

-A little later I would take Dr. Gundy's "Vital Reds" well mixed with water.

-After evening meal (which ideally would be much earlier than we generally get around to it-HA),

I would take one Turmeric capsule 400mg and one Ester C 1000mg Vitamin C "Highly absorb able non-acidic, Vitamin C / Bioflavonoid" complex tablet. I think I am getting enough Vitamin D with my constant gardening without taking any additional D.

-At least one hour after eating, and before retiring, I would take two or three "Heal and Soothe" tablets in a medium glass of water.

-ALSO, I am being a very good boy at last and actually doing some exercises prescribed by my Witch Doctor. You can Google these of course but to give you a "heads up", there are ONLY four and I do them twice a day except when I cheat, forget or postpone and the day slips away from me:-

1) You lie down on your back, legs straight, and raise and lower each leg in turn, holding it up for 30 secs and slowly lowering it. Do three lots of four on each leg alternately OR slightly more on the injured side to bring it back up to the strength of the other one.

2) Lie down as above but with legs bent at 90 degrees- lift one leg with hands locked behind THIGH (not knee) and pull towards chest. THEN attempt to straighten leg (within reason) AND pull whole leg a little bit further and HOLD. Do four on one and four on the other.

3) Stand straight and tall with feet straight out and shoulder width apart. Use a chair for support if required. Slowly bend knees to half-squat position HOLD and straighten up again. Try not to nod forward or lean forward and it should work better. Do four and gradually work up to ten. I am assuming I am talking to oldies here- the young could do more.

4) Finish up by bring both knees up to the chest in the lying down position and hold for a while.

This is considered by some to be an excellent way to finish up/balance these sorts of exercises.

Do all of the above regularly and slowly whilst thinking nice thoughts (if you have any - find some if you haven't). "Pretend" the world will suddenly be a better place once you see positive results after ten days or so -- it almost certainly will!!

I know you will be overjoyed to learn that I am seeing some (early) benefits from this new and carefully thought out Regime. It requires a self-discipline borne of desperation that drives me on. Hence my magical transformation from a butterfly to the ascetic mentioned above!!

Maybe you could glean some delicious morsels from the above smorgasbord of choice tit bits.

That would please me greatly.

-Taking, in addition, some ACV and Molasses drinks would also be a good idea - I do those on an irregular basis these days when the mood takes me there.

As my Punjabi, Guru once famously told me whilst he was sitting comfortably on a bed of nails "If you do the exercises I am telling you Sahib - body MUST respond - it has to Sahib - it has little choice in the matter".

There you have it. I charge you nothing for that extra Pearl of Wisdom. It is nice to have some solid markers in this constantly shifting world of ours!

Maybe you should seriously consider doing some exercises OR stretching OR yoga etc. on a regular basis. Incorporate them into your lifestyle for your wellness / benefit.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Life can (and should) be better. Improvements are often obtained after just a week or ten days so, "What's not to like?".

More dubious wisdom from Down Under!

As my Guru is fond of saying, "May you do well, prosper, and have many children Sahib"!


Mister Michael

P.S. "Success" here is defined in so far as I am taking far fewer painkillers since being on this Regime. Whoopee!

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Borax for Joint Pain

Jimmy (Nj, Usa ) on 01/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking borax daily in a cup of tea ( 1/3 teaspoon ) to help with my joints ..I used to wake up in morning and have my knees clicking my wrist sore. Been about half year, I hardly feel any aching joints. All clicking is gone.
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Sacroiliac Joint Remedies

Michael (New Zealand) on 12/19/2016

Dear Editor,

Would it be possible to have a dedicated section especially for Sacroiliac Joint Problems? I have been interested in the following products (amongst others) Magnesium Chloride liquid, Castor oil, Peppermint essential oil, ACV, H.Acid, and the Vitamin C protocols especially, but am seeking more clarity on how to proceed and what regime is most effective for this debilitating condition. ( Hats off to Mama to Many by the way-there is not much it seems she doesn't know! ).

It disturbs me that a Sacroiliac Joint issue is frequently misdiagnosed as being a "Sciatica problem" even by some of the top "experts" in the Field. I suspect that a really good Acupuncturist, (with MANY years of experience) might be able to resolve this conundrum for you if you are a sufferer.

Try this trick once or twice a day for starters. Place your fist firmly behind your Sacrum, knuckles touching skin. Then grip that fist firmly with the other hand and press gently for a few seconds. Repeat a few times. Go gently for starters and gradually increase the number of "pushes" and do a few more times per day.

Secondly, with the fingers, latch onto a pinch of muscle on the side of your buttock that is causing trouble. Try to locate the spot where the sacroiliac joint is ---- a little way between spine and hip. Gently pull that spot towards your side/hip on the affected side. Hold for say three seconds and then release. Do this for a few times and then repeat the sequence a few times per day.

Trouble is that there could be two differing types of S I pain that I have been made aware of! The more usual one is where the bones forming the joint move forward and backwards either too much (loose) or not sufficiently (too stiff). The second type apparently affects far fewer people and that is where the Iliac flaps like a bird's wing (best way I can describe it). This is the one where the above second exercise is more appropriate.

Now is probably the time to visit your friendly Osteopath OR Physiotherapist for further clarification of your condition. There are more exercises to do here and some u tube videos are great too for assisting you with your self help regime, which you will seriously need to implement here..

The large inflatable ball is very good for sitting on of course and should be utilized more often by sufferers instead of a chair I think. Wouldn't it be nice though, to accurately know your problem before embarking on treatment? Ha!!

Cheers, Michael

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Sulphur and Vitamin C for Joint Pain

Ron (Rancho Dominguez, Ca) on 04/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

This isn't a cure, but it is close. I am a massage therapist and my specialty is deep tissue massage. Been doing this since 1980, so my joints were getting pretty well beat up. I tried all the usual remedies but they didn't work. I got turned on to the following:

1G of food grade sulfur along with 500mg of Vit C. I take this combo 6-8/day.

Sulfur has many benefits for the body. I no longer wake up with stiff joints.

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Borax Helped Joint Pain but Caused Insomnia

Russ (Whangarei, New Zealand) on 04/12/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I found that borax eliminated my feet (both) pain of at least 4 years duration (caused, I think by many years standing on concrete floors at work) other joints were also becoming painful. I built slowly (over 4 weeks) until my dose was a half teaspoon per day. However I've stopped as I couldn't sleep. I felt good at first but could only sleep for perhaps one hour per night. I was exhausted. I waited a month then started the whole regime again. Same result, no pain but no sleep either.