Itchy Ear Remedies

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Itchy Ears

Frequently the minutest symptoms are the most perplexing and frustrating. Itchy ears constitute an example of a minute problem than can cause extreme discomfort and even inner ear pain. Nonetheless, itchy ears are relatively common and can arise as the result of several factors. Identifying the exact cause of the issue is important to be able to effectively treat the issue.

While the associated symptoms of itchy ears may vary by individual, several common symptoms usually present in any individual. Common symptoms include constant or persistent itch inside or surround the ear canal, inner ear pain or discomfort and discharge from the ear. Some more severe cases may also involve inflammation of the ear and an adverse effect on the individual’s hearing.

It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of itchy ears; however, many common causes have been identified. The five most common causes of itchy ears include abnormal wax production, allergies, fungal infection, skin conditions and bugs. Both the overproduction and underproduction of wax can cause itchy ears. Likewise, seasonal allergies can cause itchy ear canals much the same way as a histamine release causes irritated, watery eyes. Fungal infections typically occur in individuals who are swimmers or who frequently expose their ears to water while skin conditions can affect anyone who is prone to recurrent skin irritation.

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List of Remedies for Itchy Ears