Iritis Remedies

What Is Iritis?

As a mucus membrane, the eye is prone to a number of different conditions. Iritis is a condition of the eye characterized by inflammation of the iris. The colored ring surrounding the pupil, the iris is located at the front of the uvea or middle layer of the eye. As such, this condition is also sometimes called anterior uveitis. Additionally, inflammation that is caused by trauma is referred to as traumatic iritis.

While the symptoms of iritis may vary depending on the type and cause of the condition, general symptoms can usually be identified. Common signs and symptoms of iritis include eye redness, discoloration of the eye including a bluish-pink color in the white of the eye surround the iris, discomfort or achiness in the eye, sensitivity to light, blurred vision and floating spots in the vision. Traumatic or acute iritis is characterized by symptoms that develop suddenly over a few hours or days in response to a significant, specific trigger.

While the exact cause of many cases of iritis is not determined, some common causes are known. Research suggests that iritis is often linked to eye trauma, genetic factors and other diseases. Known causes of iritis include injury to the eye, infection, genetic predisposition, Bechet’s disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, certain medications and posterior uveitis.

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List of Remedies for Iritis