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Turmeric for Interstitial Cystitis

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Barb B (Lakeland, Fl Usa) on 01/03/2011
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Thanks for the feedback, Tom. I did try a big jar of the D-Mannose. I've used it in the past with great success, but not this time. I took antibiotics almost continually for 10 months and every time I got off them, the infection was back the next day. I took the anitibiotics, the probiotics and the D-Mannose, plus AZO or other OTC, but the infection was relentless. Xylitol was the only thing that kept it at bay. It still keeps it at bay but it doesn't get rid of the infection. I would have tried the D-Mannose with the Xylitol along with the antibiotic and probiotics, but my funds are very limited.


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