Watch the Sunrise for Insomnia

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Sara (Canada) on 06/08/2020:
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Going for morning walks to see the sunrise is so healing and definitely helps! I didn't even do it for that reason, it was just refreshing. It's hard to get into the habit at first if you haven't been sleeping well but it's worth the weeks or months it takes to get there for sure! I can't go out now but I'm going to try looking out the window in the morning to get the same benefits. Thanks ,Michelle!

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Michele (Florida) on 02/27/2020:
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I had years of insomnia and was told that my circadian rhythm off and that the best way to fix this was to look at the sunrise as many days as you can in a row to reset your natural clock. This makes it that the body creates and releases the correct hormones at the correct time. I had been making cortisol at night and melatonin during the day, which is not as it should be.
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