Nutmeg for Insomnia

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Terry (Md) on 04/29/2018:
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Was interested in nutmeg for nocturia. I recently read that a grandmother used her mother's remedy as a cure to stop from having to pee when she went shopping. It was incredibly easy. Granny said to put about a teaspoon of nutmeg in the palm of your hand and lick it off. She did this just before leaving the house and she did not have to find a bathroom during the whole time she went shopping.

Anyway, I have tried everything under the sun and nothing is too weird when you have to get up all hours of the night to pee. So, I have tried it for the last 3 nights and Alleluia! I got up after 3 1/2 hours the first time, then 3 hours the second time. By the time I needed to go again, it was time to get up. It was wonderful to feel refreshed, something I had not felt for many months.

However, about the nutmeg: I just used a good 1/4 tsp on the palm of my hand and licked it off just before going to bed. I also took a very tiny sip of water to get rid of the nutmeggy taste on my tongue. I will up the amount to 1/2 tsp and see what happens. I am thrilled even tho nutmeg is pretty expensive. It's worth it!

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Kevin (Burbank, Ca, Usa) on 03/01/2012:
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For insomnia, the best remedy I've ever used is a level teaspoon of NUTMEG. I know that sounds stupid to use a spice.... However I thought the same thing and I tried it. IT WORKS. Just don't take any more than two tablespoons at night or you might feel "high" the next day like you smoked weed. But that won't happen if you only take one teaspoon. NUTMEG is an MAOI drug so you need to follow a LOW TYRAMINE DIET when nutmeg is in your system otherwise you may get a bad headache/unwanted symptoms. But if you follow low tyramine diet and take the level teaspoon before bed you will see it works and after a few days probably will cure insomnia. A low tyramine diet is pretty much just eating veggies/fruits.

Ravi S (Dallas, Texas, United States) on 12/26/2009:
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For sleep disorder

Please try a pinch of ground nutmeg in a cup of warm milk. Worked wonders for me.

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