Niacinamide for Insomnia

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Lisa (Southern California, US) on 03/02/2015
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Niacinamide, which is vitamin B3, will make you very sleepy. I have trouble getting to sleep due to menopause. I take 1000 mg of nicacinamide 1 hour before bed with about two small bites of food. Don't take regular niacin as it produces a flush to your skin and has other side effects. Niacinamide does NOT have these side effects or make you flush. It might be better to start at 1 pill which is 500 mg. One side effect is it may lower your cholesterol.
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Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/13/2013
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Niacinamide stops the chatter of the mind but take it with other B's they work together... It also helps sleep. First time I took it my mind went blank, freaked me out.