Neem for Insomnia

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Hisjewel (America, New York) on 06/23/2016:
5 out of 5 stars

I have to admit I am fascinated with Neem Tea. It does so many wonderful things for your health if you are faithful to it.

But one thing I have a problem with is it makes me sleepy. I learned there are different degrees of sleepiness of how deep certain herbs, minerals etc make or help you to sleep. Well I only take a few sips of Neem tea a day during its term of use, and it never fails to make me knock me out sleep. If you are a driver, the day you take the neem is a good day to take the train or bus. Someone needs to know why they are sleeping so hard. Take a look in the insomnia section where I would like EC to post this one. You will find out why you are so sleepy during the day. For example I did not know iodine gives you good sleep. But it does. I saw it on the list and tested it out.


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