CoQ10 for Insomnia

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Raphael (Boston, Us) on 01/29/2015:
5 out of 5 stars

I took care of anxiety, racing mind, depression and hot flush by taking Vitamin D3 with Omega3 4000IU - 8000IU, plus Vitamin E 1000IU... the only thing not yet fixed is insomnia, I sleep about 3 -4 hrs, always wake up 3-4 am in the morning and then cannot get back to asleep, I also need Melatonin to help me get to sleep when I get to sleeping time.

I found after I took CoQ10 100-200 mg my sleeplessness can be taken care of and now I wake up in the middle of night, go to bathroom, and then I can get asleep in about 5-10 mins. and I have a total of 7 hrs sleep average.

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