Cod Liver Oil for Insomnia

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Erika (Vancouver, Bc) on 08/04/2009
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Hi, my eyes have been sensitive to light lately, so I researched and found that it may be a lack of fish oils, so I started taking cod liver oil capsules and very suddenly I started sleeping like a log through the night. So I told my father to try the cod liver oil for his sleep problems and sure enough the very first night he slept through 8 hrs. (usually he gets 3 hrs. then wakes up!) People with insomnia try this and let others know. Note: On one site I read says that if you get oil reflux or diahrea it is due to the oil being old. I've been feeling very healthy lately with no daytime tiredness since I have started this as well as great bowel movements, and my farsightedness has become clearer. Good Luck. Erika