Cilantro for Insomnia

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Suzy (Cranbrook, Bc) on 01/16/2012
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Chinese Parsley (also known as Cilantro or as Coriander) I started to take Chinese Parsley when I read about its great ability to clean the system of heavy metals - but I found out that the very first day that I took some I had a very deep sleep. Now if I stop taking it for awhile and my sleeps start to break up again I just start taking it again and the deep sleeps immediately continue on the first night.

I take about 1 tsp. of dried Cilantro (with my favorite syrup and take it down with a liquid- really it can be taken down any way you want! )

I've also used 1-2 fresh sprigs (stem and all for me with my meal)and that works the same but the bunch of them start to wilt before I can finish them that is why I buy it dried.