Chrysanthemum for Insomnia

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Cindar (Vancouver, Wa) on 10/18/2010
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My husband has suffered with insomnia his entire life. As anyone who has or has lived with someone who has insomnia, it is life impacting. Through some research I found that Chrysanthemums can reduce anxiety and help you to relax. I initially got the idea to help his anxiety, however, it has proven to be a huge aid in helping him sleep. Put 2 or more flower heads from a living Chrysanthemum (Mum)plant per large coffee cup of boiling/steaming water. Cover and steep for 5-8 mins. I also have been adding 1-2 bruised Mum plant leaves. He is yawning by the time he finishes the tea. This in place of the WIDE variety of medications he has taken is such a relief. He had been taking chemical medications like: seroquel, lunesta, ambient, restoril along with many others to work in conjunction. This has been heaven sent with NO SIDE EFFECTS.