Multiple Remedies for Smoking Addiction

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Dixiedebva (Roanoke, Va, USA) on 07/03/2012:
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I want to share this cheap & quick step-down method that made it VERY easy to get cigarettes & nicotine out of my life.. YEA!! (I see similar points noted but not combined as here to work)

1) Natural Tobacco= First I started rolling my own cigs 3-4 months before my desired "quit" time. STOP USING store bought cigs ASAP! Jan 2012 the papers, filters & tobacco averaged $1. 50 a pack. Use "smooth" or "ribbon" cut pipe tobacco (not cigarette tobacco) and select a "mild" mix. Now you are rid of the 2, 000 additives cigs have AND only dealing with the "natural" leaf nicotine! Also my dislike of the "rolling" hassle made me "think" with each cig.. Do I really need it? or just smoke half?

2) Vinegar= then BEST OF ALL, I stumbled onto the "hidden" patent info about adding a drop or 2 of plain white vinegar to the cigarette filter neutralizes the nicotine. You cant smell or taste the vinegar once dry. I did this to every cig for the last 4-6 weeks before I quit. Couple weeks with 1 drop.. Then next couple with 2. (this seems to be the other poster's nicotine blocker).

3) Diet changes= I got serious about taking a good all around vitamin plus a super B complex.. Also doubled my water & fresh fruit intake. I ate more healthy foods and stopped skipping meals (nic kills your appetite & taste). I can tell the super B's really do help with nic cravings. Yeah Ted!

4) Mental Facts= With every thought of "I want a cig", I remind myself that I REALLY DON'T.. Its just the top used insecticide poison thats talking. Being already SUPER addictive and unbelieveably chemically multiplied & enhanced in cigs to addict me even further, its no wonder that it screams at me. Nicotine only provides me illness and death. Am I that easy a target? No, I truly DON"T WANT a cig.. I WANT the NICOTINE.. Or DO I??

5) E-cig backup= I bought an e-cig with both "light nicotine" & "zero nicotine/water" cartridges. I used the "light nic" when I was cutting down and ran out of self rolled cigs. After my quitting, there have been just a couple times I wanted to "smoke" (when smoking friend visits) so I just puffed my water vapor ecig and laughed at myself.

6) A New Dance= I felt ready and just stopped smoking one day after all the above.. But I needed one last step. I've had almost zero "physical" craves, but mental triggers were in everything I do daily. To deal with triggers, as soon as I think cig, I quickly step away from that situation.. Then I return, performing it differently and repeat to make a new habit of that situation without a cig. I am quickly remembering doing it the new way & forgetting the old. (like holding phone in other hand).

I have only been quit a month but already cigs seem like a faint memory.. I go all day without thinking of one unless I cross an old trigger I havent "un-done".. And even then its not a fever wish, but just a thought that its "time" for a cig.. Well, I know its not and so I dance a new step into that situation and now enjoy "breathing" past it.. Combining all these helps made the cravings sooo weak that I easily walked away. I hope you do too! ;)

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Robert (Martinez, Ca, USA) on 12/18/2009:
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Crush a vitamin C tablet & mix with enuf water to place in small spray bottle. Whenever the urge arises, spray inside the mouth toward back of throat. A homeopathic liquid compound for 'smoking withdrawal' may be purchased from health store & used per label instructions.The major ingredient is lobelia which has lobeline & is similar to nicotine but non-addictive, other ingredients are sedatives & anxiety aids. When feeling the urge to smoke, become very focused on the breath & usually it is habitually shallow., so take deep breaths thru the nose & exhale thru the mouth.Oral fixation can be quelled by sucking on licorice root, (not the candy). the niacinimide will help. I would 'nibble' on it in small amounts. If feeling very anxious, try GABA which can be purchased w/niacinamide. Break open the capsule & sprinkle a little on the tongue during the work day stress.Info on GABA can be searched on the net.Drink tea vs coffee, exercise the new energy you feel with long walks or take up bicycling. Exercising the lungs is important.Learn to play a wind instrument:harmonica, native flute are very simple.Pink grapefruit is good to clear tars from the lungs,so maybe one per day in the a.m. Coconut fat with honey helps due to the sugar cure used on tobacco giving a sweet tooth.Raw fruits with raw fat,(avocado,coconut butter,raw butter) is great.As difficult is loving oneself, please stop stuffing the emotions. If you can find a quiet place when feeling anxious,lay down & use the breath to really explore the emotional state(s)that you are allowing to release. Breathe these out & allow them to go like a balloon floating away or whatever metaphor helps.When focusing eyes open & looking straight ahead also be aware of periphery on both left & right sides.....this is a bit trickey but have fun with the practice. I come from a chain smoking mother who quit in her 50's,h ad 10 children half of whom smoked. Please allow the divine to intercede & do the work. Love & breathe.
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