Lobelia for Smoking Addiction

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Mel (Sydney, Australia) on 12/09/2014:
5 out of 5 stars

I have recently stopped smoking with the aid of Lobelia and found its effects amazing to say the least.

I have smoked for 25 years and have tried every quit method you know, more than once, some worked and some didn't, but none have worked quite like Lobelia.

I started taking the tincture 4 days or so prior to my stop date (3 drops x 5 times daily) and today - day 8, I've used the drops once. I actually feel like I was never a smoker, perhaps it's the right time for me this time but it certainly has been far easier than I imagined. No cravings whatsoever and I really feel that I am thru the worst and its smooth sailing from here ? without any fears!

The herbs are easy to obtain from a naturopath. If you've wanted to quit but fear has held you back I highly recommend this herb.

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Candy (Ontario,canada) on 12/20/2013:
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Jesus for Lobelia.This wonderful herb can help you quit smoking . I take 3-10 drops 3 times daily or when I feel the urge to smoke or before I eat a meal. Its works quickly. There is a slight burning in the back of the throat but soon after the urge to smoke is gone and if you do smoke it tastes horrible.This remedy works because lobelia contains the active ingredient lobeline, which is almost identical to nicotine and has similar effects on the nervous system. A bottle costs around $15.00 in most Canadian health food stores. Try it you might like it.
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Jennifer (Podunk, Missouri, Us) on 08/23/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

First of all I didnt think Lobelia was going to actually work there was too many "to good to be true" reviews on it. But at $5 a bottle and 100 pills in that bottle I couldnt pass up at least giving it a go. When I first started to take it I was surprised to find that it does reduce cravings and makes your cigarettes taste a bit funky. Honestly its wasn't so much of a funky taste to me that I would of put out and wasted a cigarette. OH and it did help me breathe better. I started smoking at 18 and after 10 years of it I cant remember the last time I could take such a deep breath. Anywho I had a cigarette filter from a previous quit smoking attempt-the last step in the filters I never got to. BTW this filter supposedly it cuts out 90% of the nicotine. So I started using it along with taking the lobelia and my cravings reduce even more. Now let us not forget the obvious that commitment and willpower is also involved. I promised myself that A) I wouldn't buy anymore packs during this period and B) THE last cigarette would be my last.

ALL IN ALL: I started taking the lobelia on Aug 4th probably started using the filter two or three days later and on Aug 9th I had my last cigarette. I went from smoking about a pack that first day (smoked over a pack a day before this) to only having 5 smokes the last day. Today is Aug 23rd and its my second week of being free of my angry hungry big little nicotine monster. I have my moments of "I need an effing smoke" especially after eating or just sitting there being bored. Its a mental want and not a physical want I just take a few deep breaths (now that I can) and it passes by quickly.

and I know its really early to get too excited about but... Im very happy to be smoke free and dont ever again want to give in to the monster.

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