Horsetail Extract for Smoking Addiction

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Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/12/2023:
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Got some horsetail tea and, apparently, not only does it contain silicon but also niacin - which is what nicotine is. Coffee also contains silicon and there are times I can't seem to get enough of either coffee or cigarettes - until NOW. Cravings are basically gone and both lighting up and making coffee is just a sort of physical habit as neither of them provide the little "zap". It doesn't appear earthclinic is any less the control freak the puritans who hated smoking were or wants anyone to know that nicotine is actually niacin so this probably won't get published and I'm sorry about that. It isn't the niacin in tobacco that damages the lungs - it's the smoke inhalation and nobody appears to want anyone to know that. I don't know why.

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Waltz (Bangalore) on 01/27/2018:
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Horsetail extract contains silica complex which is a sure shot method of quitting smoking. It's incredible that almost no one really knows about this simple supplement which is a book for smokers worldwide. I have many acquaintances who have quit taking by simply taking silica complex tablets.
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