Home Remedies for BV-H2O2, Folic Acid, Acidophilus

One of Our Most Popular Home Remedies for BV

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a bacterial overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria. Frequently mistaken for a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis symptoms can include a burning sensation while urinating, vaginal itching, discharge, and odor.

BV can be stubborn or reoccur if not treated properly, and by far the most celebrated BV cure on Earth Clinic is the combination of food grade H2O2 (3%), folic acid, and acidophilus. With over 100 yeas and a great deal more discussion, this popular cure is worth trying to help get rid of stubborn bacterial vaginosis.

Find Your BV Cure with H2O2, Folic Acid, and Acidophilus

While there are many variations on the remedy discussed below, generally food grad H2O2 at a 3% concentration is mixed with equal parts water and used as a douche or applied to a tampon (for maybe 20-30 minutes), while folic acid and acidophilus is taken by mouth. Some readers have reported success with vaginal application of acidophilus as well. Let us know if you try this cure for your BV!

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