Oil Of Wild Oregano for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Liz (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 04/16/2012
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Hi Fellow Hidradenitis Suppurativa sufferers, I was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa in April 2006 after some 26 boil sores over a 2 month period where some hospitalized me for intravenous antibiotics for deep huge sores with cellulites surrounding them. I was to be put on continual, permanent antibiotics for at least 7 yrs to help. I was a devastated very unwell new mum. Lucky about a year earlier, a naturopath had put me on to "Oil of Wild Oregano" for other numerous conditions I had/have including a strep infection of the blood. I was to ingest this oil and I hadn't really given it a go as it tasted awful. I was desperate not to have antibiotics as this only causes more problems. This "oil" is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal etc. (It used to also be promoted as antiviral, but they have, I guess, been prevented from promoting this anymore. It has however worked as an antiviral for me)

I started to do 3 drops under my tongue morning and night and swallowed quickly a glass of water over my tongue and this way it doesn't taste so bad. I also put the oil on the padded part of a water proof , breathable bandaid and applied to any sore that had not become a huge open wound (because a big wound or sore would sting heaps with this very strong oil). Please note Nexcare strips are the only true breathable waterproof bandage care that does not make the sore sweat that I can find. Nexcare 3M strips also come in various sizes depending on size of sore/boil. Elaster plaster and Johnson and Johnson brands made the sore sweat which we need to avoid.

My sores always develop over a couple of hours to half a day with a feeling of pain in the deeper tissue layers and a very small level sore or red dot on the surface. My sores are always worse underneath the surface. I therefore have time to heal them with Oil of Wild Oregano drops placed onto the padded part of the strips (bandaid) before a pus wound opens. My sores once past half a day are fast to get bad and usually only take a few more hours to become a big lump under the skin an inch in diameter with a smaller surface sore producing pus and also cellulites surrounding this sore about as big as your hand. After another couple of hour to overnight the lump of pus is so big I have to go to hospital for intravenous antibiotics as I start to get a fever and loose lucidness as it then gets into my blood and causes further complications. This oil would heal my smaller sores over a day or two and I could shower and leave the Nexcare strip on to keep working on my deep infection. If water did get into the strip (bandaid) I would replace it with a new strip that had the Oil of Wild Oregano drops placed onto the padded part of the strips. Not all Oil of Wild Oregano producers and products are the same but I used one from Solutions 4 Health for potency and quality of product.

I recommend using Manuka honey of the highest quality on large open sores or in sensitive areas of the groin etc. Also charcoal poultice is extremely good for extracting infection and can be placed anywhere. If you cannot get hold of the Oil of Wild Oregano, colloidal silver is good but nowhere near as strong. A herbal "soap free" bar for washing and mild salty water as a sterilizer for wounds and prone areas for infections. Swim at the beach as much as possible to heal and prevent sores. Remove all sugar from diet as much as possible. I was already on a gluten free and dairy free diet. I also started ingesting as much as possible turmeric in food and drinking. Within a month I hadn't had a sore get out of control. All were healed at the bandaid stage (at the stage of a red dot or very small pimple/boil). I then had only the hint of a sore appear about one every month or 2 and I still heal them overnight with the oil droplets on the pad of the bandaids. I only get symptoms now when my immune system is low and generally due to stress and exhaustion.

I also can cure tonsillitis within half an hour with this oil by placing droplets directly to the back of my throat at site of infection or the sore swallowing feeling. This is not for 1st time users as the kick back from the oil is very strong. The white pus at the back of my throat would disappear and I would have no further symptoms. I previously had chronic tonsillitis to the point they wore away so much that there was nothing to take out. They grew back and I now rarely get tonsillitis but if I do get run down and start to get sick my Oil of Wild Oregano keeps me well.

As a child going through puberty I got huge sore red lumps under my arms the size of golf balls that the doctor said were infected sweat glands and he gave me antibiotics which helped. I only got one or two a year that never developed into open pus wounds. I guess my immune system was better back then. My six year old daughter gets clusters of smaller lumps under one of her arms only throughout summer months and I am worried she is going down my same path.

The Oil of Wild Oregano is worth a look into for all and any ailments and relief of symptoms if not a cure. For me, I also need to keep my immune system up and the Oil of Wild Oregano also does this by ingest it. I only do this when I get run down at times of stress as on the whole I have no trouble with my Hidradenitis Suppurativa in the last 5 to 6 years. I do hope this helps others out there as it is so hard to suffer through it. You are all in my Prays, Cheers Liz