Magnesium Oil, Black Tea for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Mary (Wi) on 05/11/2017
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Chronic Hidradenitis Suppurativa:

In the Ted's Q&A I found a reference to MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE and BLACK TEA. This is the most effective combo I have found for HS but I do not see it referred often.

Magnesium Oil is available at health stores and online. It can be painful, but it works for me esp early in a breakout.

Black tea, applied via cotton round pad after the oil, with frequent applications, is soothing for the pain and seems to remove the heat and pressure.

Turmeric ( drink with black pepper for absorbtion), tea tree oil, and diet changes also help.

A note on gluten: there are different types of wheat with different protiens all of which are gluten. It gets complicated. I found some breads are ok, but pasta and pretzels are not ok for me.

Depending on hormone levels some "safe" foods turn into trigger foods.

Nightshades effect me * depending on the freshness of the nightshade*. I can eat potatoes that are not sprouting yet, but old potatoes are triggers. I don't eat chips for this reason.

Short version: Black Tea and Magnesium oil (same as magnesium chloride), see Ted's Q&A.