Dietary Changes for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Berry (Tampa, Florida) on 11/16/2020:
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I'd like to add that I found other foods that trigger breakouts. Basically anything that contains solanine. Nightshades are high in solanine. But certain other foods contain it too such as apples, cherries, beets. I am still breakout free. The good news is that I have been able to re-introduce a few nightshades into my diet without any issues by doing the DNRS protocol. This program is designed to overcome food sensitivities and involves retraining the brain with visualizations. I ate french fries twice last week with no breakout. I should mention this was not an overnight fix but took a couple months of training.

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Berry (Tampa, Fl) on 11/15/2018:
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I eliminated all nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc.) being careful not to have a single trace in my diet. HS is now completely gone.
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Lilaki (Nashville, Tn) on 02/05/2018:
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One thing I noticed about boils and hidradenitis suppurativa is they tend to come when I eat a lot of sugar and am sedentary so the blood sugar doesn't get burned up. I know people here get a lot of relief using castor oil on is and turmeric with HS. Castor oil and turmeric are both said to reduce blood sugar and help with insulin resistance. SO maybe for a lasting solution some will find limiting sugar in the diet and maybe enjoying curry (with turmeric) dishes regularly in the diet. And if you do get a boil use a castor oil-tumeric paste.
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Deidre (Washington, Dc) on 03/01/2015:
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First time in 5 years I have ever heard someone express the hell that I'm feeling. I'm going to try this. Thank you for posting. Dee

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Kim (Jamaica) on 12/05/2014:
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I can't say that I am happy to hear that others suffer from this annoying and embarrassing condition, but it is good to know that I'm not alone. I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa since I was 21 for 3 years now and no doctor has found what it was until today when I decided to go to another doctor. He told me I had hs and told me more than I had found out in prior reading.

I have had 5 surgical removals and they still came back sometimes in the same spot, sometimes indifferent spots. They usually came up when I had mayonnaise which I found out I'm allergic to, they appeared less when I avoided mayonnaise. I later found out that I was allergic to dairy and tried to avoid it as best as possible, but when I completely took dairy from my diet they happened even less. I am not sure the cause of this last breakou.t I think it may have been an artificial drink that I had (I don't usually drink artificially drinks especially those with too much sugars) or a spike in flour in my diet. I know it wasn't caused by wheat because since I got rid of milk there's no need for cereals. I will be trying a lot of the tips I have read here and I will definitely track my progress. I'm also considering laser hair removal (if that has worked to help alleviate the frequency of breakouts please let me know).

i don't know for other people with hs but for me the worst part of this is having doctors constantly tell you that this is caused by bad hygienic practices and then making it look like you are a nasty person (My new doctor said that based on my current practices the only way I could be any cleaner is maybe if I locked myself in a sanitized bubble.)

Good luck to all and wish me luck please.

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Katrina (Usa) on 11/20/2014:
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Hey everyone.

I am a 21 yr old who has been suffering from HS since I was 14. For the past five months, I have been trying to buy as much organic, non-additive, and non-preservative foods as I can afford. Although I haven't been able to cut all processed foods out of my diet, I have noticed a change in the frequency and degree of flare-ups. I also have been using Tend Skin liquid topically after I shower and I really think it helps. It is intended for prevention of razor burn after shaving but seems to work against HS flare-ups as well. I definitely recommend trying it.

Since I began reading this post, I have now decided to cut dairy out of my diet and begin taking turmeric pills. I shall see how this works out for me. Hoping I don't have to cut gluten out of my diet!


Tove (Seattle, WA) on 10/20/2014:
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Hi everyone,

I am also suffering from HS. It runs in my family, and some of my siblings also have it. I have been on the paleo diet for about two years now, and it has helped me enormously with this problem. I haven't had any breakout for about a year and a half now, and my acne has decreased a lot! I started eating regular white potato about two weeks ago (because I need more calories), and now I have a huge irritated boil... I wonder if I'm sensitive to potato.

Anyway, I really recommend everyone to try Paleo diet! That means, dump all dairy products, grains, additives, sugar, cooking oils and processed foods. Also avoid chemicals such as pesticides and additives (choose organic). The foods I mentioned are inflammatory and makes your body prone to things like HS. Instead, eat clean whole foods like veggies(above ground), meat, fish, nuts and seeds. I also recommend drinking applecider vinegar, lemon water and eating fermented foods. These foods removes bad acidity from the body.

Do this, you will not regret it!



Joy-ca (California) on 08/24/2014:
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I suffered from mild HS every month just before my cycle. I say mild because never any open lesions but always a couple large painful swellings. Imagine my delight when I gave up gluten (for other reasons) and found that my HS diminished dramatically.

Since that discovery two years ago, I have been eating modified Paleo and grateful for the many health benefits, including not worrying about painful HS swellings each month. The only other thing I had previously tried was a supplement that worked for my HS but unfortunately gave me a rash of tiny bumps on my forehead.

Just recently received a gift of fresh heirloom tomatoes from a friend's garden. Have eaten those for years with abandon but this time had the worst HS experience of my life, textbook photos of lesions, etc. just horrendous so I guess I can safely say this nightshade has been crossed off my list.


Mary (Memphis, Tn) on 11/18/2013:
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After 20 years, I may have found my cure for hidradenitis suppurativa. I've been grain free for 5 days, and 8-month-old lesion is gone!!! Yes, I've been fighting that breakout for 8 months, and thought it would never go away, but it's gone. And it didn't take long once I quit eating all grains. Now I have to find out which grains I can add back into my diet.
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Zeph (USA) on 05/25/2013:
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I love this site, but I must take issue with the intial description of this disease and the heading of this page. HD is NOT (in my case) clogged glands, and as for the discharge, it can range from white to green and frequently mixed with blood. This is extremely painful, depressing, and a torment. Constant washing and cleaning of clothing and bedding is essential. Oddly, this ailment (again, in MY case) has proven itself to not be contagious, amazingly enough.

The reason I am posting here is because I have managed to control, and very possibly kick this hellacious nightmare.

If you believe in the medical industry and big pharma, or are a professional victim, -move on, you won't like my post. If you have HAD it w/inept, moneygrubbing prescription writers who treat you as an R&D experiment, read on.

I have only gotten clues about this ugly, depressing illness after searching several alternative remedy sites. NO where have I seen positive results, cures, or relief from sufferers who have succumbed to western medicine treatments, therapies, surgeries, antibiotics or other products of big pharma. Also I would caution you to BEWARE of miracle products and cures. Do a google search on third party reviews concerning whichever remedy you are tempted to try. Remember to CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

The first thing you need to do is lose weight and alter your diet. If you're already fit, look at your diet.

Have you any abcesses or dental problems? Did this condition appear after a dental procedure? Likely the toxins are attacking your lymph nodes to exit your body. Don't expect this diagnosis from doctors. They prefer to give a reluctant prognosis years & thousands of dollars later, from what I've seen.

You MUST become knowledgable about EACH and EVERY thing you consume and ingest if you are truly serious about kicking this. If you scour the alternative remedy sites you will find different therapies you can try that won't break the bank. You must systematically eliminate poisons, fats, and probable allergens. You MUST be patient, as the results will reveal themselves SLOWLY.

Try to find an acupuncturist/chinese herb doctor, but question them about their familarity on this ailment. If they hedge, or forward you to a regular MD, they are of poor quality. It's probable one of them will be able to help you, but they are not infallible, and doctors ARE only human; THEY ARE NOT GODS. If they cannot be bothered to review or comment on what information you consider important, they will waste your time AND money.

There seem to be a number of causes for this illness, as individuals do not all share common successful therapies. Many things can cause your immune system to dump toxins. Your physiology is attempting to save your life!

I surmise no serious treatment is forthcoming for this disease because it gives the medical industry a nice nice fat arena in which to jerk around exhausted, ravaged sufferers while they clean out our bank accounts. Just like with cancer.

Though it is miserable and difficult, try to perservere, and know that I too suffered horribly from this hellish illness. The difference is, I do not trust these quacks and butchers after seeing the results of their handiwork on those who entrusted themselves to their "care". To witness the exact same results endlessly and expect different for yourself is just stupid.

Horrific pain and constant, protracted dealing with this living hell had me at my wit's end for months, but I DIDN'T stop seeking remedies or therapies THAT WORKED. I continued working my job and honoring my commitiments and responsibilites this entire time. No sooner would I get thru my door than I collapsed in exhaustion from the pain. I am not affluent by ANY stretch of the imagination.

If you have no discipline, then you are damned to years of this. It is hard, but if you do not surrender, you can kick this! Perservere!

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