Bandaids for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Jaynee (Los Angeles) on 06/03/2016
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So this may be archaic but I found bandaid Tough Strips (not the fabric ones) are a godsend for me. They are waterproof and stay on through showering and sex. I have HS in my groin area and it is triggered by stress and hormones. I can not wear underwear on a regular basis or the friction will cause an abscess. This poses a problem during my periods because I need to wear underwear on at least 2 of the days and hope I do not get one. What I do is put one of those bandages over an existing abscess or budding abscess. It creates a barrier between my groin and the side of my leg so that when I walk there is no friction and I can stop limping. It doesn't hurt and if I leave it on long enough my body will reabsorb what is inside the abscess and it will go away on its own. This has taken up to a couple of weeks before, but that was when I was super stressed so it was trying to get worse not better anyway. Usually less than a week. If the bandage comes off for some reason I just put on another one. It has just been so helpful so I wanted to share.