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Hangover Facts and Remedies

Within moderation, alcohol has little effect on the body; however, when taken in excess, alcohol can have detrimental effects and leave an individual with unpleasant symptoms well into the following day. A hangover is the result of consuming too much alcohol which may include feeling ill, lacking focus and performing poorly at work. Typically, the more alcohol that is consumed, the worse the hangover an individual will experience. Yet, this relationship between drinking and its effects is not necessarily true for everyone.

A hangover typically occurs the day after an individual has consumed a greater than normal amount of alcohol. While different individuals experience different side effects of drinking too much, several common symptoms have been identified. Depending on the type and amount of alcohol that was consumed, individuals may experience excessive fatigue, increased thirst, headache and muscle ache. Additional symptoms include nausea, vomiting, poor sleep, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness and rapid heartbeat. Some individuals may even experience shakiness, inability to concentrate, bloodshot eyes, and changes in mood.

A hangover is caused by consuming too much alcohol; however, many factors contribute to the issue. Alcohol’s various characteristics are problematic for many individuals, leading to adverse effects. Alcohol increases urine production, triggers inflammatory responses, irritates the lining of the stomach, causes a drop in blood sugar, makes the blood vessels expand and triggers sleepiness. All of these factors combined contribute to the day after feeling.

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List of Remedies for Hangovers