Gram Negative Infection

Acinetobacter bacteria is a common bacteria found in soil, water and even sewage. Basically, all throughout the environment via dirt and debris.

There are at least twenty five known, different types of this bacterial infection. Since this bacteria is a strain of gram negative infections it is more resistant to treatment by antibiotics.The cell wall of gram negative infections are extremely unique which is what makes them so resistant. Older drugs have been used against these infections but many of these have toxic side effects making them an undesirable alternative.

There is not a high risk associated with a healthy person contracting this particular bacteria. People that are at risk are hospital patients after surgery or an accident. Highest among risk victims of the acinetobacter bacteria infection are those that have been hospitalized and very ill, been in intensive care and severe trauma patients. This list includes soldiers that have sustained open wounds.

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List of Remedies for Acinetobacter