Geographic Tongue: Alternative Medicine Treatments

Geographic tongue is a disconcerting and often chronic health condition that affects the surface of the tongue and may cause irritation and sensitivity. There is no known cause for the occurence of geographic tongue, but its symptoms include patch-like sections of red on the tongue. These patches may move around the tongue throughout the day.

The patches (or lesions) are areas where the tongue's papillae (it's little pink nodules) become inflamed and flatten out. This does not create or indicate a larger health problem, but the patches can be irritated or even present a burning sensation.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Geographic Tongue will resolve itself in time, so the best treatment is often to focus on avoiding food triggers that will cause the tongue patches to worsen or become uncomfortable. Often, this will include salty, acidic, and spicy foods. Tobacco and alcohol can irritate the papillae, as can certain toothpastes so try an elimination diet to rule out the causes of your discomfort. Also, niacin seems to be a promising alternative health treatment for geographic tongue.

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List of Remedies for Geographic Tongue