Garlic for Bloating

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Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio) on 04/29/2010:
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I wanted to say YEA for using garlic for bloating and fluid retention. I actually started garlic because I have gallstones and was trying to fight an infection that I knew I had, although lab results said my urine was clear. I took three cloves of garlic crushed up in some yogurt before bed. I have insomnia really bad and was up urinating most of the night.

I also suffer from extreme mood swings and I noticed that I felt lighter the next day in mood and in weight. I got on the scale and my weight was down from 206 the previous day to 199. I have lost 7 pounds of water weight over night!

In my quest to get rid of the infection that seems to be wreaking havoc on my body, I'm still taking three cloves of garlic at night. This is my second week and hopefully the garlic will kill the infection.
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Monet (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 05/02/2009:
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Hello, I use your site all of the time and want to thank you for such useful information!

Recently, my feet started swelling along with blood pressure spiking to very high levels. I do not have high blood pressure so I could not understand what was going on. By day three I figured out I had a tooth infection that was probably starting to seep into my blood causing the swelling, blood pressure spikes, tingling in head, legs, and feet. After speaking with a dentist who felt they were unrelated and would not give me any advice on whether I should go to the ER, I decided to use garlic infused with yogurt (yogurt helps it go down easier). I took about 1 T. of crushed garlic and 1 T. of yogurt. Within 5 minutes the swelling in my feet went away and I felt my blood pressure had gone down. I took my blood pressure and it had dropped over 50 points! Obviously, the blood pressure spikes were brought on by the tooth infection, unbeknownst to the young Dentist!!!

I cook with garlic all of the time, but RAW GARLIC is terrific for blood pressure and infections!!!


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Adeline (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/07/2008:
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I ate 1 raw clove of garlic hoping to kill some bacteria (an unrelated cure I had read about here and was trying) An unexpected side effect: I woke up the next day feeling happier than I have in a long time. Energetic. I felt trimmer. I felt like I had been carrying around a dress size worth of water and it was gone. I'm starting to think garlic is a miracle food. I think it's cured my infection and happily I think it will be the cure to my chronic bloating. Thanks for the site!
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