Apple for Bloating

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Doris (Santa Ana, CA USA) on 04/08/2008:
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Have always drank lots of coffee w/sugars, syrups, dairy. This year, bloating began. Starting reading about stomach and bile and acid-sugar-alkaline balances and how stomach, gall bladder, liver, small intestines deal with it. Found your apple juice, acv info. ACV was a bit harsh last week, at 1 tsp each acv w/slight honey or water. This week bloating was very uncomfortable to point of constant distraction. Found on your site to take avc or apple juice or eat an apple to regulate acid balance. Took lots of antacids today, no help, bloating was worse. Ate a very small apple at 9pm tonite and 20 minutes later, bloating almost ALL GONE. Had the rest and feel like a million. Thank you for this site teaching me what to revise in my diet, to fix these things.
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