Apple Cider Vinegar for Bloating

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Jayadurga (Eastborough, UK) on 04/11/2008:
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I have started using Apple cider vinegar one spoon twice daily since two days. I am a diabetic. I take metformin and actos low dose daily. I was struggling from bloating of late and after taking ACV I really felt relieved from bloating. But i feel tired and depressed all the time these two days and no interest in anything. Is anything wrong because of ACV?I would appreciate if I get some good thoughts on this issue.

Uma (Gibraltar, Spain) on 12/11/2006:
5 out of 5 stars

I take ACV 2TBS in 8oz water taking sips all through the day. I was bloated all month and had water retention 10 days before my period. I was miserable i tried everything , diet change , pills homeopathic, and my husband is a physician and he gave all kind of medicines but still everything just could not solve my problem. i was annoyed all the time becuase i do not know what my exact size was and i was restless all the ime , never comfortable, in sitting or lying down. Then looking for cure on internet in homeopathy somebody mentioned earth clinic, and i went to the site, and from that day my life changed. After reading about ACV I got up and mix one TS in one glass of water and without thinking i drank it . After 10 minutes my head suddenly clear and then my migraine was gone which I have been having for the last 10 years every week and i do not know how many pandols i have taken for that.----Well for the last 2 months, I am bloat free, water retention free, migraine free, and i am feeling comfortable for the first time in last 10 years. I have lost 10 pounds and I know my exact size now. Plus I had very bad dandruff and hair acne and twice a week I have been washing my hair with ACV and after two months I am free of dandruff and acne. There was no change initially except my migrain was gone but suddenly after one month before my periods i started noticing changes. No bloatedness and water retention and i had lost weight. I am thankful to all of u, whoever started this site. This has truly helped me. My doctor husband cannot believe it.

Just try it. Even if u don't see results initially it will show some benefits, later. I am hooked for life and i am giving it to my teenager son and daughter.

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