Vitamin C for Flu

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Myway (Delaware) on 11/05/2017:
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Unfortunately I'm exposed to sick people every day - and refuse to take the flu shot so, this early fall, I caught the flu bug but this time, I was prepared. Within 6 hours, the flu was is what I did.

My symptoms - fever of 101, slight headache, achy feeling, coughing, lethargy - this all happened within 1 hour. You have to hit it early.

1. Take 1,000mg (1 GM) of Vit c every 5 minutes up to bowel tolerance. For me, bowel tolerance was 40 GM (40,000 mg). Note - for some folks, this amount is probably too low. If you have questions, look up Dr. Andrew Saul on YouTube. He will set you straight.

2. Put 1 drop of peppermint oil under each nostril to keep the coughing down. It also helped with the headache. Did this about three times during the day.

3. Spread a quarter size dollar of magnesium lotion on the back of arms, feet, neck - to ease all the aches in body. Makes you more comfortable.

4. Take 2 tsp of colloidal silver 3 times a day.

5. Plenty of green tea. ( I drank about 4 cups the first day with lemon and honey).

Repeat the next day. I went to work the next day, had the Vit c tabs in my pocket, and my bowel tolerance was 13,000 mg. Don't put the Magnesium on till evening - it makes me sleepy.

This protocol is safe for kids and adults. You just have to get to bowel tolerance to make it work!

Good Luck!


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Valorie M. (Ny, US) on 01/31/2015:
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After catching the flu/cold from a coworker (my body was aching, sneezing, coughing, bed ridden) took megadose of Vitamin C powder, 5,g and within 2 days my sickness was gone.

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D. (NY, NY) on 03/30/2009:
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I am writing to let you know that my family is getting out from a terrible form of stomach and intestinal flu. My two children, my husband (who never gets sick) and a contractor who was here working in the kitchen were hit very hard. Given my always low immune system I was getting ready for the worse, that is getting very sick myself. Since I am the mommy and the nurse it would have been an absolute disaster (I have no family here). Mommies can't rest and can't even sit no matter how sick they are. It is so awful and so hard for us! So I started getting more than a full tablespoon of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate as according to Ted directions) a day, divided in several doses. Plus zinc, colostrum, magnesium and aspirin. I was also using clove oil on my skin.Well I was cleaning up the mess of my children (remember it was a stomach flu!) and in the middle of it all I didn't get sick. I only got a bad headache for a day, but no vomiting or other as the others. My contractor lost 12 pounds with this flu. . . So God bless you all and Ted once again because you helped me being spared of all of this!

Robert (Orlando, FL) on 11/15/2006:
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Gargle with peroxide first, then take a low dosage CHEWABLE vitamin c tablet (100 mg or 250 mg) place on tongue and leave it there until it dissolves. Don't swallow the tablet. It kept the scratchy throat from turning into a sore throat as well as an illness from coming on full blown. This works if it's caught in time, which is when one first detects a scratchy throat. I believe what it does is send vitamin c directly to the throat area killing the beginnings of an infection at its earliest stages. Another thing that can be done is to take some colloidal silver and put a drop in each nostril, especially after sneezing. The problem with it is that it's hard to verify that it actually DID stop a cold or flu since one can't prove what didn't happen. But it does work on a reliable basis.
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