Multiple Remedies for Flu

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Kasia (Toronto, Ontario ) on 11/30/2011:
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Hi there,
I wanted to thank everyone on this site for some great remedies. I am 5 and half months pregnant and I suffered with a very long and vigorous sinus and chest flu. My symptoms were a mild high temperature (37.5 -38) not high fever but enough to make me feel horrible. Coughing, sinus pressure with no ability to breathe through my nose. The symptoms lasted for 5 days until I decided to take serious action. For 3 days after 5 days of suffering I did the following steps 2 to 3 times a day until my symptoms disappeared!

Step 1:
Boil 3 cups water
Peel 3 large cloves of garlic and cut in half and add to water. Take water off heat and add half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add half cup of honey. Let mixture sit for 20 mins and then strain and drink.

Step 2:
Nasal irrigation
Buy a neti pot or Neil Med saline nasal rinse. Make sure not to make your own salt water solution it's not as balanced at the one you buy specifically for nasal irrigation. This helps soooo much but after 3 days of constant use.

Step 3:
Apple cider vinegar steam
Get _____s original apple cider vinegar
Take one cup of vinegar and one cup of water
Bring to a boil and breath the steam with a towel over the pot. Make sure the mixture is not boiling while you breath the steam. This may burn while you breath through your nose, make sure to keep your mouth and eyes closed. Breath the steam for 5 min intervals. If it burns a lot them lift head up higher. This works the best!!!!! It just takes a few days of patience!

Step 4:
Take extra vitamin c. Preferably the powder that you can drink. Do not exceed more than 2000mg. Do these steps every day for 3 days and I promise you will feel soo much better if not totally healed. Cheers,

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Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 10/23/2009:
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As I sit here I am recovering from what I am sure is the flu. I started with fever 102 and runny nose all at the same time. Terrible body aches. I nipped it in the bud with ACV three times daily. I took actonite, 5 pearls, and 2 aspirin together and I wasn't sure if I was suppose to do that but it was a life saver. I felt greatly improved within 30 minutes. I also took some homeopathic cold and flu tablets that melt under your tongue.

Woke up this morning with no aches or fever. Just a little runny nose left. I also took colloidal silver 12 tsp three times daily.

Pretty good recovery in one day. I'm impressed! Thankyou so much.

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