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Boneset Herb Tea for Flu

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Lad (Bel Air, Maryland)
5 out of 5 stars

I bought some dried Boneset herb at a healthfood store years ago after I broke my arm. I discovered "boneset" herb is for the pain of "breakbone fever" flu, not broken bones! After half my office came down with a very nasty flu, it was my turn. It caused a LOT of pain w/ fever. I made a tea using my old bag of Boneset and the pain and malaise immediately lifted! I returned to work w/ the tea. A co-worker was face down on her desk, literally complaining of her "bones hurting!" I said "I got just the thing for you!" She mixed some breakfast tea with it because she thought it tasted awful. But after two cups she came in and said "I think you cured me!"
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