Aspirin, Vitamin C for Flu

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David (Huntington Beach, Ca) on 12/03/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a Chiropractor in Southern Cal, and want to thank you for this treatment. I have had the chance to use it on about 5 individuals myself and have passed it on to others.

For my family, it has worked like a miracle! A couple of times I have used it when the symptoms first start and it stops it cold!

On two occasions, I had my adult kids (in 20s) come home with terrible body aches, headache and fever. I got them started with aspirin and vitamin C. After the first hour they start doing much better. By the time I hit the 4th dose, its like a miracle.

Be on your guard, because this flu with come back a few times, but the aspirin and vitamin C will get rid of it each time. (325-650 mg aspirin depending on body wt, and 500-1000mg Vitamin C).

I made up a kit of aspirin and vitamin C as well as D3 and put it in a zip-lock bag along with instructions and send it off with my kids if the are off at school or out of town.

The quicker you jump on this treatment, the quicker and better results you will have. If you wait until the fever is full blown, you have a huge viral load to knock down,but it will do it. Be on guard with family and friends and try and start the treatment as soon as it becomes apparent they are getting sick.

God bless Ted and Earth Clinic for your really wonderful help offered the have really made a difference for so many people!


Diane (Oliver, Pa) on 12/04/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with posts about Ted's Aspirin and Vitamin C for flu symptoms.

My husband used it twice when he was attacked by flu symptoms, along with the Lysine that Ted recommended. He didn't follow the instructions that Ted gave correctly, but it did work.

He took 1-1000mg Vitamin C, 1-325mg Aspirin, 1-500mg Lysine, AS SOON AS he felt flu symptoms.

The first time, he didn't need to repeat the dose. The second time it happened, (Several weeks later) he had to take these a second time and it worked like a miracle.


Susan (Bellingham, Wa) on 10/23/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

Husband cured of swine flu with 1.5 (325 aspirin) dissolved in 1/2 cup of water and 1000 ascorbic acid (capsule) every 50 minutes. He had been sick for a day than decided to try the aspirin and C. After 4 doses he went to bed and 3 hours later said he felt weak but much better. Next day he was able to go to work as usual and was feeling well. This works! his weight is 155lbs. Thank You Ted.
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Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/01/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

Over the past one month, I have been trying to find various cures for Swine flu (2009 virus), Chikungunya, and Dengue fever as it is an epidemic here. Chasing disease isn't easy as I have to run all over Bangkok (people with the disease) and follow up my tests to find a cure. As a result, I was unable to answer many earthclinic emails. Therefore, sorry about my being unable to answer them during that period. However, I have finally got all that is needed for now and finally got some real cures. The word cure is meant from my own personal perspective. Yes, it's my first hand cure for Swine flu (2009) and even Dengue fever to boot, and a good "remedy" for the debilitating arthritis that follows the Chikungunya (using another remedy).

For me it looks more like a cure (and got broke finding them. LOL.) But the solution is very simple! So in this posting I will have several remedies for each one of those during that one month period I was chasing. People may argue it's not a cure. However, I got a 100% cure rate here, at least 30 out of 30 people were cured. So far so good, the numbers keep coming. It takes only one day, or more precisely less than 6 hours to cure it.

In Thailand, we currently have an epidemic running, which is mostly Swine flu (2009 virus), Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya. While it is somewhat of an epidemic, the currently "mainstream" media recognized is the Swine flu 2009 virus or the same Bird flu. It's still H1N1 regardless of the name and to subdue the virus scare, by naming new names to the H1N1. One of the MAJOR problems concerning its cure and my remedies is that Lysine isn't available in Thailand, or is difficult to obtain. BHT is impossible to get for most people. Therefore I have to devise a very simple cure (yes a real cure) using a simple aspirin from and perhaps some vitamin C, if you can get it. Now Thailand in some remote villages vitamin C are harder to get then getting an aspirin.

The idea of using aspirin as a cure for pneumonia, and all kinds of flu, is nothing new. During my studies in microbiology during my college year stint in the U.S., I have noticed that a serial dilution of aspirin virtually dissolves any virus in sight. Fellow students who got lazy sometimes throw aspirin tablets in a shrimp egg hatching facility to kill the shrimp viruses as well. The chemical of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. When I say it kills any viruses, this applies for metastatic cancer, which is a viral form of cancer virus. It works the same way using the aspirin too and you can see results in less than 6 hours, using the hourly dose of taken for 4 or 5 times of aspirin.

The acetyl portion makes the salicylic acid "water-soluble" as well as it's unique properties in digesting viral or bacterial coating, especially the viral coating (alkaline potassium compound being the other one), that it can come into contact with.

In fact there's an almost 100% kill, more closer to about 99% kill rate when a very weak solutions of aspirin is in contact with any viral coating, and aspirin replenished for the next 3 or 4 hours as it is "used up".

It's the acetyl portion plus the salicylic acid which makes it deadly. It digest these viral proteins thousand times more quicker than it does damage to the healthy cells. Obviously, the aspirin was working better than any antiviral medicines known, so my colleagues mentioned that "they" were going to stop that dreaded practice. (It hurts research funding on novel very expensive but ineffective antiviral medications LOL). Remember at the time of my studies, that was in the late 1970s., so obviously (2009) aspirin is now almost universally condemned.

Because of this, I have to make another trials last month to prove that aspirin does work. It SHOULD be noted that aspirin is effective even if it is taken ALONE. But if you want it to be more effective, a vitamin C sodium ascorbate can be taken on INITIAL dose, being the bare minimum such as 500 mg. This causes the white blood cells to uptake the vitamin C more than it's usual capacity allowing for the body's immune system to go much higher than normal. In any case the simplest of all cure of any flu that I know of regardless of what kind of flu you have is the following remedy:

For adult dose 500 mg of aspirin taken LESS than 1 hour apart, preferably, 50 minutes but not exceeding 1 hour. The dose is taken for no more than 4 times, with maximum of 5 times. I haven't quite work about the optimal frequency between dose to keep active acetylsalicylic acid blood concentration stable so that it's antiviral capabilities at a maximum. So the schedule will look like this:

1st dose first hour 500 mg aspirin
2nd dose second hour
3rd dose third hour
4th dose fourth hour
if it's still there ...
5th dose fifth hour (never happened so far)

You're done! Flu is gone. No more fever. After that you feel like you want to sleep. As a footnote to this "cure". The flu may come back another day, so you stick to this schedule. And then it may come back the third time. However, it RARELY if ever comes back the fourth time and it never came back the fifth time.

Swine flu is like a yo-yo. Whether you cured with or without taking any supplements it comes back on average in "threes". This includes the Dengue fever. However, there's a difference. If it comes back (without taking any supplements) the third time, it is usually deadly, because the body's immune system is completely knocked out, but with the aspirin remedy, or the lysine for example, the severity is reduced with each time so the body's immune system gets stronger instead of weaker.

In case of a person without any supplements, these flu, whether they are Dengue fever or Swine flu or Bird flu causes a "wasting away" disease, a condition where there is dramatic weight loss on the "third wave", such that doctors think it's an AIDS or HIV positive, but is actually a simple Swine Flu virus or just a Dengue fever. I haven't looked into the cure of Hantaviruses yet, so I can't say for that one.

As far as cure rate involved, it works in EVERY case I have tested, which is virtually 100% success rate so far. The reason why it is kept at less than 1 hour is based on observations that both the lysine and aspirin is used up within one hour. It's easy to tell, no fever. The aspirin dose 500 mg is for adult dose typical 120 pound person. A dose is calculated on basis of weight. So a smaller or larger adult is calculated from this. When taking the dose it is REQUIRED that an aspirin is dissolved in a half glass of water completely so it is diluted enough that it won't damage the stomach lining before taking them. The chief reason why aspirin causes ulcers is the tablet form of aspirin is too concentrated. It's the same effect as putting your hands in the sun for about 1 minute or two and you just only feel the warmth of the sun. However, should you use a magnifying glass on your hands, you can easily burn your hands within less than a minute. So by diluting the aspirin, or diluting the sun's ray without magnifying glass, we virtually solve the problems of ulcers from aspirin use.

As a standard warning, people who have problems of inability to tolerate aspirin, probably know anyway, such as Reye's syndrome which should be avoided. Another is people with malaria and hemorrhagic fever should avoid aspirin use. A suitable substitute for aspirin, should people have an intolerance of aspirin, is hydrogen peroxide 3%, one capful in one liter of drinking water, taken at 1/2 glass taken every 30 minutes for a total doses of 10, also completely kills off the virus. However, some vitamin C helps a lot, whether it's using the hydrogen peroxide or the aspirin or lysine when getting a cure for flu. You don't need vaccines. Hydrogen peroxide doesn't seem to work as fantastic as lysine or aspirin, perhaps because the vitamin C was needed on top of that, but it does work too.

As another contraindication is a warning of the use of MMS. This is the so called "Miracle Mineral Supplements" which doesn't do much in curing flu in general. It works fine for parasitic flu, but is totally ineffective or worsens the condition if a person happens to have a Dengue fever, Chikungunya or a Swine flu. Some works fine, but overall, it's record in these are best confined to parasitic type disease, such as malaria. MMS doesn't even work, or made the conditions much worse even for a Chlamydia. The reason why I know so much about problems of MMS is my friend a seller of this keeps on selling them and in every case it doesn't work. It works initially but it comes back and you ended up sicker than you were before. However, he continues to make money from the popularity of MMS. Obviously he's making more money than me. Supplement sellers don't really cure you, they just cash in on the wave of popularity. Therefore it is best to avoid MMS for flu.

In most cases the authorities do not recommend aspirin use for people with Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Swine flu making people implies aspirin makes the condition worse, when in fact the only real reason they don't recommend if you read carefully enough is the issue of Reye's syndrome, which is a genetic condition that doesn't tolerate aspirin use. Most people will know that whether they can tolerate aspirin, penicillin or any other based on their own experience anyway.

One more thing is one of the cure for a debilitating arthritic condition that happens AFTER Chikungunya infection is the use of two remedies, one is the "alkaline flush" the other is the potassium iodide. The alkaline flush basically removes the pain by removing the acid, which is often causes the pain. For an adult dose, I used the alkaline flush remedy as thus: 1/3 teaspoon of potassium carbonate, 1/3 teaspoon of potassium citrate, 1/3 teaspoon of sodium carbonate, 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass of water. It will slowly flush out acid in most parts of the body reducing the pain. It's commonly taken twice a day and is completely gone on the fourth day. However, for some people with a Chikungunya an alkaline flush may not work in which case I have found people with this condition have an "acid saliva" and one of common remedy I used to alkalize the saliva, is often the potassium citrate. However, I have found in many cases this does not alkalize the saliva in 1/2 of the cases, roughly. Therefore, I used potassium iodide, because usually an acid saliva is low immunity, so the dose is 1/8 teaspoon of potassium iodide is taken twice a day and usually, within a day or two the arthritic chikungunya goes away without the need of taking daily tablets of Vioxx or Celebrex. The dose for potassium iodide, 1/8 teaspoon for example is taken only for 3 or 4 days, and you are done. Of course, I don't have many Chikungunya people waiting on my doorstep, but that's the best remedy I can come up with during the month and I also luckily caught the Chikungunya disease too, giving me ample opportunity to find a cure from the debilitating arthritic conditions.

As to the questions of other remedies such as white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide use as a cure for the swine flu. The dose is as follows:

1/2 cap of 3% H2O2 plus 1 cap of vinegar, in one liter of drinking water. Drink this every 1/2 glass of water every 45-50 minutes for a total of 5 doses. It should be noted that 500 mg of vitamin C sodium ascorbate, preferably is taken before taking the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar solution. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is called peracetic acid, so it works more strongly than just hydrogen peroxide alone, and hence the hydrogen peroxide is added at a lower dose. The vitamin C will counteract the some of the oxidant effects of peroxide but will still have an effect in killing off the flu never the less, regardless of the kinds of flu. The peroxide, the vinegar solution works also with hemorrhagic fever as it won't cause bleeding, such as the Ebola viruses. The remedy won't work for flesh eating bacteria, where the current standard treatment requires removal of your body tissues in large amounts, which is termed "debridement", but I believe a magnesium form of remedy might work well against these sort of bugs.

As to your questions:

What can I do in my daily schedule to stay away from contracting the virus? What kind of hand sanitizer should I make to use every day to kill the virus on my hands?

Lysine 600 mg taken three times a day. Or Aspirin twice a day, dissolved in a glass of water. Under BOTH cases 500 mg of vitamin C sodium ascorbate is needed, taken only once a day. Both the lysine and aspirin can be combined, if you feel the virus is too aggressive. However in practice, aspirin or lysine, either is fine.

A good hand sanitizer to be used is 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution, or a 10% potassium iodide is used. Most alcohol gels currently on the market DOESN'T kill the virus. For remote villagers, a 5% aspirin solution is fine. These kill viruses, not the alcohol. Even AIDS viruses survive in acetone and alcohol, with one possible exception of hot boiling alcohol, which is not practical.

would a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide with water or vinegar work to kill it and would it kill it upon contact?

Yes it works fine. See above points.

Also can BHT be used on a daily basis for preventative measures? and how much in powdered form can I take of it?

Yes BHT works quite fine and taken on a daily basis, but the most important ones are the lysine, aspirin and vitamin C. A BHT can be taken at just 250-500 mg, but BHT has to be taken along with the lysine or aspirin also. The BHT prevents the swine flu from becoming deadly and reaching the brain or does the damage.

Most people who do get killed from swine flu and actually went to ICU getting half of their lungs eaten survived on just hourly dose of 600 mg of lysine 24 hours, and taking it continuously for a period of a 2 weeks to a month. The most deadly of the swine flu that I do get actually comes from the flu vaccines which are deadly in a matter of hours to days. That's because they inject with live viruses and get activated by the blood once they are injected. Consider yourself getting the swine flu when you do get the mandatory vaccines. However you can make your physician sign a contract so he won't forced you on a vaccination. Enclosed is an attached copy of "Vaccine Warranty".

I am sure I forgot a few things here, but I believe I covered most of the important points. It should be repeated again it takes only less than one day to cure the flu and it may come back two more times on the average, but it rarely comes back again after that. The aspirin is what I called "self immunization", because the aspirin digests the viral proteins so the macrophages can digest them, allowing an opportunity for the cells to produce the antibodies needed to neutralize the virus, but it takes three self vaccinations to get the body immunized to the swine flu, 2009 viruses, or bird flu. A person MAY have antibodies to fight off the swine flu, but in my experience, the body DOES NOT produce enough antibodies to fight off them because the body is completely overwhelmed with the reproductive capacity of the viruses that all the antibodies are eaten up. What aspirin serves its useful purpose is its ability to reduce the numbers so rapidly that your own limiting number of antibodies can take care of the rest and vitamin C serves as steroids in helping the white blood cells work more effectively on eating up these viruses.

So aspirin helps macrophages eat more viral protein needed to produce the antibodies as well as reducing the numbers so they don't get overwhelmed with the numbers versus limiting numbers of antibodies. The lysine seems to be helpful in producing the immune system capabilities too and does reduce the fever. Although the present society never thought the lysine reduces the fever. It does, by raising the body's immune system, the fever is reduced.


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